1. O

    Teacher Recommendations

    Hello just a quick question about the teacher recommendations. Is there any way to resend it or change the teacher? I last sent mine in June and asked my math teacher multiple times to do it but it still has not been done Edit: more specifically, how exactly do you change the teacher? I don't...
  2. S

    English Teacher Recommendation Problem

    So my situation with the English Teacher Recommendation is a little unusual. I've had a different English teacher each year of high school, so I had to choose my most recent one. My English class this year was online through a local college, but I emailed my professor and explained to her what...
  3. P

    Teacher Recommendation Question

    Hello, I am currently in the process of applying for the Naval Academy to be a part of the Class of 2023. I am in the process of getting recommendations from my teachers, however I have concerns that the English teacher I asked is not willing or is unable to write a recommendation. I am saying...
  4. N

    Nomination Recommendations-How many?

    per our MOC web sites, they require 2-3 recommendation letters to be mailed to them for the nomination application. but I had heard from other people that its better to have MORE than that. is that an unspoken rule or would it be overkill/annoying to get 5 or more recommendation letters sent to...
  5. prospective2019

    How early/who should you ask for letters of recommendation?

    Hello, For anyone who's been through the process, when should I ask for letters of recommendation for my teachers both for my MOC nominations and for the USMA application? Since the timeline is slightly different than regular applications I would like to hear what others have done in the past...
  6. T

    3rd Letter of Recommendation

    Hello, I got my 2 required letters of recommendation in (English and math) and I'm going to receive one from my Track Coach. Since I'm using the coach letter for my nomination applications, I figured I'd send it to Navy as well because I heard they accept an additional letter. My question is...
  7. E

    PFE Submission Dates

    Hello, I wanted to ask when the PFE examiner must submit the PFE results by in order to be considered for the Early Action admissions process. I know that all of the recommendations do not need to be in when the application is submitted, but what about the PFE? Thank you
  8. E

    PFE/Reccomendation Question

    General Question- Does the individual who administers an applicant's PFE also write a personal reccomendation, or do they just report the results ?
  9. J

    NROTC Marine Option Recommendations

    How long does the NROTC Marine option recommendation form take to complete and what are you supposed to write about in it? I am about to ask a teacher and a coach for recommendations and I wanted to give them an idea of what they would be doing and how long it would take.
  10. kgg200

    AIM Application

    So far I am in the Air Force Academy Summer Seminar, but because I am in (literally) the most competitive district for congressional nominations, I'm also applying to the Coast Guard Academy. I applied to AIM a while ago, and when I asked my mom which week I should put in for she told me I...