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  1. D

    Recruited athlete- Official Visit Question

    I’m taking an official visit very very soon. Does anyone has any insight on what usually happens during one of these? Will I receive an offer at the end like what happens on other official visits? For context my application is 100% finished and I’m officially medically qualified. I only need a...
  2. USMA2026Cadet

    Recruited Athlete Timeline

    Hello forums community, I was wondering if anyone knew a broad timeline for potential recruited athletes? This being in the sense of when a student should fill out the questionnaire for their sport and contact the coaching team, as well as the general time-frame for when recruited athletes are...
  3. T

    Strange Circumstance - Recruited Athlete vs Congressional District

    Candidate was/is being recruited for athletics but received a call from the coach who said candidate would be better off not being recruited because they currently rank #1 in their congressional district and have the best chance of an appointment being at the top of their district. Coach told...
  4. R

    Pre-Candidate Questionnaire

    Hi all, I am being recruited by USAFA for cross country and track and field and the Academy is my top choice as of now. I have a 3.84 GPA (my school has an extremely small weighted scale so unweighted is 3.82) and I am an overall good student and a well rounded person in all AP and Honors...
  5. 2

    How does being a recruited athlete affect admission

    How does being a recruited athlete affect the admission board's decision? I have been in contact with one of the coaches and he mentioned an endorsement that he sends to the admissions board. Does anyone know any more information about this?
  6. USNAismyplace

    Recruited athlete vs. regular applicant?

    I am a female who will be applying for the class of 2023, and there is also a male in my grade who is a recruited lacrosse player. Will the fact that he is a recruited athlete be more advantageous to his admission? Do I have a smaller chance of appointment because he is recruited and I'm not...
  7. K

    Sports should not define Academies I know that this story is a year old, but I have seen only one article on the internet having a problem with this policy. I am referring to the DoD making it possible for...
  8. USNAismyplace

    Appointee limit per school?

    Do the service academies have limits on how many people they can appoint from one school? I plan on applying to USNA and USMA, and there is someone in my grade who has been recruited for lacrosse at USMA and two others who are interested in USNA (one of them being my twin). Is it normal for...
  9. W

    USMAPS Recruited Athlete Questions

    I have been recruited for wrestling at West Point and just received a LOA for USMAPS. The Coach told me that I would most likely end up going to the prep school first, and honestly, I would rather have that year of transition into life as a cadet. Anyways... on to my question: -Do athletes have...
  10. S

    Recruited Athlete and Nominations

    I need some advice as to how my chances for a nomination now stand. A friend of mine just told me that he was being recruited for track at USMA. He has been state champ in 1A (smallest school level) Hurdles. He has no leadership to my knowledge and does have decent grades (not a 4.0 but I would...