1. J

    Offers of Appointment and Medical

    I'm applying to USAFA and completed my application in early December but my med status is still not determined. I submitted my final remedial recently and it's under review by DoDMERB. I inquired to my admissions team about whether this would affect my application when it is reviewed and...
  2. G

    Academies and DoDMERB

    I have a question, and am looking for some insight. Today I saw that on DoDMETS, my status is "Closed." This is great news, as it seems that my info is moving forward. So I logged into to the website of DoDMERB, and saw that for each academy that I have applied to, there is a status of "Under...
  3. CrossMT 07

    Air Force Application Review

    Good Afternoon (To all you all in the mountain time zone), I just want to know what kind of things the Academy puts a lot of bulk in when applying. I know they like people who are involved in the community, diverse applicants, and academics but is there any specific examples they look for? Do...
  4. C

    Finished app 2 months ago but it has not yet gone in front of the review board.

    See title. Heard this from my BGO area coordinator. Not much else to say, other than to ask if this is normal. Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. U

    Date exam reviewed?

    I will give a short statement of my story and the order of events. September- West Point file complete and initial physical exam. November-remedial for history of shoulder instability/dislocation. December-disqualification. January 5th- nomination received. January 6th-waiver requested. THIS is...
  6. Essos


    Finally, I'm to the final step to completing my NROTC Scholarship Application! After filling out almost all the remarks, and choosing my desired colleges, I will just need to finish this 2500 max word essay. Recently, I have just finished my rough (verrryyyy rough) draft and I just need a few...