Feb 11, 2020
I have a question, and am looking for some insight.

Today I saw that on DoDMETS, my status is "Closed." This is great news, as it seems that my info is moving forward.
So I logged into to the website of DoDMERB, and saw that for each academy that I have applied to, there is a status of "Under DoDMERB Review."
At this point, do each of the academies review my medical status and approve/disqualify me? Or is it DoDMERB that is reviewing my medical status to approve/disqualify me?
Additionally, one academy that I have applied to (USCGA) is not showing up at all. Should I contact the academy to see why, or should I wait, as this may not even be an issue relating to them at all?
Lastly, I know that this is a stupid question, but is there a timeframe currently at this point in the year/cycle that I might expect a decision as to my medical status? If not, I completely understand.
Thank you for your time!
They probably haven’t downloaded you to us yet.
General answer, 15 days
Comply with FAST stick under DoDMERB tab on SA Forums. I will answer Sunday