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    Dodmerb ADHD DQ

    I revived an initial DQ from dodmerb for having ADHD and have some remedials. However these remedials don’t seem like they would help them decide in my favor right now they are are just my transcripts and High school IEP. This is my second year (AS200) in Afrotc and I want to make sure to do...
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    ADHD Waiver Help (AFROTC)

    To explain my situation. When I was younger I was diagnosed and given medication for ADHD and took that medication for a while. December of 2018 was the date of my last prescription (although I stopped taking it in like august of that year). So this month is my 2-year point of no meds. I NEVER...
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    My son is 17 and a junior in high school. He is a 4.0 student, class president, national honor society member, cross country/ track, and a Eagle Scout. He has been on medication for ADHD since he was 6. He has Also had a 504 plan( but not the last two years). He has expressed interest in the...