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Dec 16, 2020
To explain my situation. When I was younger I was diagnosed and given medication for ADHD and took that medication for a while. December of 2018 was the date of my last prescription (although I stopped taking it in like august of that year). So this month is my 2-year point of no meds. I NEVER had a 504 or IEP plan for schooling and finished high school with a 3.2 gpa. I was just DQ'ed at the end of November and I am now starting the waiver process. Before getting DQ I had a remedial for a Doctors Note and letters from both my high school and college counselor saying I do not have an IEP plan. What other documents can I get to help prove this does not affect me. I was thinking of getting letters from past and current employers, and personal statement. Any other tips? I have been feeling very hopeless recently.