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    Are Stats available for how many offered/ Accepted Scholarships per Branch ?

    Hello - just curious if statistics are yet out on how many scholarships were offered/ accepted per branch of ROTC for those starting their ROTC training this summer/ fall? While I"m asking - there are references to 900 kids attending NSI at Great Lakes this summer - 500 now and 400 more in...
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    Marine ROTC and AF ROTC

    I am interested in the scholarship for either marine or air force rotc, since that is what I'd like to do in college. However, I am also seriously considering enlisting in the Marines first before I go to college, unless I get the scholarship. I want to get a general idea where I stand, and...
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    ROTC- Chances of acceptance

    Hi, I was wanting to join an ROTC program preferable air force or navy, but I'm not too sure about my chances. Earlier this year I decided that I wanted to join ROTC and it has been growing on me ever since. My first year of college out of high school begins in the autumn semester of 2018. I...