1. T

    Remedial Help!

    Dodmerb requested AMI's for DS. One of them is: R222.40 --- REQUIRES A PHYSICIAN'S APPOINTMENT: PHYSICIAN INSTRUCTIONS: Please obtain and forward a Board Certified Radiologist's written interpretation of a NEW radiologic examination of spine; scoliosis/kyphosis study, including at a minimum, a...
  2. S

    College Applicant with a Complex Situation (i.e. Scoliosis, glasses, bad grades)

    Hello service academy forums, my situation is complex. I am an 18 year old, female senior, in high school and I discovered the service academies in March of my junior year (2022). I had no idea what they were and had never heard of them. After doing some intense research into them, I knew this...
  3. E

    Can you have scoliosis and get an appointment to the USMA?

    I have a slight curvature of my spine. According to a specialist, it’s nothing serious enough to wear a brace or undergo treatment, but it’s still pretty curved. In addition to this, my neck is a little bent forward, I guess because of all the time I spend on my phone. Will this negatively...
  4. N

    Spinal Fusion Waiver

    Has anyone actually been able to get a waiver for spinal fusion? Whether it be for AFROTC or Air Force enlisted, or Air Force Reserves? If so can you please explain your process and how you did it. I haven’t been able to find anything online that deals with spinal fusion. Thank you.
  5. J

    Request for Personal Statement

    Hi everyone, I just spoke with the medical tech at DODMERB a month after my initial physical exam, and was told that instead of DQ'ing me, they want a personal statememt regarding my history of scoliosis (no longer have it). What should I write in this letter? Is it possible I'll get DQ'd...
  6. AJH27

    Medical Questions

    Hey all! I am a fourteen year old and am looking to attend the USMA. I was diagnosed with scoliosis a couple years back when they found it in both my sisters. One is done growing and the other has a brace. My curve is, miraculously, only 11 degrees. I was wondering if that would have any effect...
  7. S

    Scoliosis bracing?

    How long does a candidate need to be out of a scoliosis brace prior to DoDMERB? If said candidate has an 19* thoracic, is asymptomatic and does not require any supports, either internal or external, will his file be triggered for review and need to provide relevant supporting...
  8. B

    Waiver Appeal

    I was disqualified by DoDMERB, due to history of spinal fusion with instrumentation. I had a spinal fusion about 4 years ago to correct scoliosis, two metal rods and crews that can be taken out at anytime, but is just an unnecessary surgery. My detachment proceeded to submit a waiver for me...
  9. W

    Another Waiver Question

    The first time I attempted to join the military was with the Airforce in 2014. As I went through the medical questions with the recruiter I answered Yes to the question about spinal curve/deformity (scoliosis) The recruiter told me to get all the records I have from it and get current X-Rays...
  10. H


    I was diagnosed with Scoliosis when i was 15 or 16 with a very minor degree. Nothing was done to correct it as its was under 10%. The plan of action was to come in once a year and get x-rayed to see if it got worse. Instead it got better. By the time I was 18, it was completely gone. I...