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    Hey all! I am a fourteen year old and am looking to attend the USMA. I was diagnosed with scoliosis a couple years back when they found it in both my sisters. One is done growing and the other has a brace. My curve is, miraculously, only 11 degrees. I was wondering if that would have any effect at all on my application.
    The only real big concern I had was about my open heart surgery when I was 9 months old. I had coarctation of aorta heart surgery but since I was so young they went from the back between my shoulder blades. I have had echocardiograms every 3 years but when I turn 16 they will be less frequent at every 5 years.
    Neither of these conditions has had any effect on my day-to-day life but I wanted to know if I was still an eligible applicant.
    Thanks in advance for the replies,
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    You may want to search the DoDMERB subforum here; probably a wealth of info.

    Good Luck and Go Yanks !!

    PS supposed to be an anonymous forum so maybe change your username and don't add your signature . . .