sea year

  1. L

    USMMA Sea Year

    Hello! USMMA applicant over here and I don’t know much about sea year. For anyone who’s been through Sea Year, would you mind sharing your experience? What did your day consist of and what were some of the highs and lows of your time? Also, how safe it? For females specifically, did you feel...
  2. U

    Sea Year Stand Down Reinstated

    Just as an FYI, Sea Year has been paused for the foreseeable future. \\
  3. T

    Sea Year on Coast Guard Cutter?

    Looking ahead at possibly doing sea year on a cutter. Besides the normal packing list, is there anything extra to plan for? Will our midn need to plan to procure his own uscg uniform? And how do we handle nametapes? We know it's a bit early, but we're looking into the future.
  4. L

    Sea Year with Coast Guard?

    Is it possible for a midshipman to participate in sea-year or at least part of sea-year aboard a U.S. Coast Guard vessel? I have heard that it is possible to do so with the U.S. Navy, so perhaps it is possible with the Coast Guard? How might this work either way?
  5. G

    Sea Year Questions

    What is sea year like? How do people get sea projects done with work (particularly for engine majors)? What might a daily schedule look like? What opportunities are available during sea year? What different types of boats are available? Tug boats, massive cargo ships, etc? What are advantages or...
  6. kp2001

    Did all mids get recalled off ships/prevented from starting SeaYear?? Am I reading too much into this press release? To me reading between the lines the Academy just put a giant PAUSE on the Sea Year program with this line "We are making...