sending cfa scores

  1. W

    Acceptable CFA Score?

    Hey everyone, I took my CFA recently and think I did well on everything but the pushups. My proctor said it was my call if I wanted to submit my score but he recommended not sending it. What do you all think? My scores (I am a male) were: Pushups: 31, Basketball throw: 74'2", Pull-ups: 8...
  2. A

    USMA CFA Score Requests

    Hello, I am currently applying to USMA, USNA, and USAFA for the class of 2024. In the CFA portion of USMA's application portal, it says that if I have already taken the test, I can request the scores from either USNA or USAFA. Does this mean that I can do the CFA for USNA or USAFA, and then...
  3. aw4125

    Transferring CFA scores

    Hello! I am currently working on my applications to the service academies, and they all need my CFA scores. I took and passed my CFA at SLE this summer, so is there any way to get my West Point CFA scores sent to the other academies? Thanks!