Transferring CFA scores


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Sep 18, 2018
I am currently working on my applications to the service academies, and they all need my CFA scores. I took and passed my CFA at SLE this summer, so is there any way to get my West Point CFA scores sent to the other academies?
I believe you need to ask your administrator who administered the CFA for you to send scores to your other academies.
I have a similar question: I took my CFA at NASS, and I was wondering if I could use that for my NROTC scholarship application. The USNA application says that some aspects of it are transferable, but I didn't know which ones. Also, if I take my PFE for USCGA, can I use that for the NROTC application wince it consists of the same components?
Thank you!
USCGA and NROTC are different. The USCGA requires cadence push-ups, one rep every 2 seconds - 1 sec up, 1 sec down. Very different and requires training for max score. My DS maxed the push-ups on the CFA and the NROTC but only got 48 out of 60 on the PFE.

USNA will send your CFA to USAFA and USMMA. USMA requires a video so NASS will not work for them
I took the SLE at USMA and had them sent to USNA. It was a five minute phone call to the admissions office. USNA had them within 30 minutes and emailed me to confirm.