senior year

  1. benfoster0

    Senior Schedule Question

    I'm beginning to schedule my classes for senior year. I consulted my ALO about which classes would be better than others in terms of preparedness for the academies. He told me that the academies cannot see my 7th and 8th semester transcripts, and that I should take the ones that are the most...
  2. kevintanaka

    Help with Senior Year Courses !

    Hello guys! I am currently applying to the United States Naval Academy, and I just wanted to show a rigorous academic schedule for my Senior year. In order to provide greater context, I will show the courses I have taken and their respective grades. Please give me ANY feedback! Thank you...
  3. O

    Senior Year Grades

    Currently I'm being recruited for sports at Kings Point and I just got an email saying I got my nominations to Kings Point and the Naval Academy, the only problem right now is my senior year grades. My grades prior to senior year were good and I had a 3.729 cumulative through the end of junior...
  4. S

    My Senior Year Classes

    Before I get into my situation with my senior year classes, let me give some background. I go to an extremely small high school; there are less than 90 kids 9-12 grade. We offer zero AP and zero honors courses. Because of this, I tested out of some classes my freshman year so I could take the...