service assignment

  1. R

    "Midlife" MIDN Crisis

    I'm going to cut to the chase––I'm lost right now. I just returned home from my 2/C cruise, and I honestly do not know what community I want to service select to. For a long time, I thought I wanted to submit a blue-to-green package to join the dark side. But I convinced myself I earned a Navy...
  2. NeptunePride

    Are majors related to assignments?

    Hello, I would like to know if majors are related to the service assignment. For example, if I study aeronautical engineering, I would have more chances of becoming a pilot? I know that before graduating you have to make a list of the first choice and other alternatives. So if my first choice...
  3. N

    NROTC RL Service Assignment

    Hello all, I am currently a 3rd year student in the NROTC program and I will be submitting my service assignment package in about one year. Has anyone here had any experience with attempting to be assigned to a Restricted Line (RL) designator? It's no secret that most NROTC accessions are...