1. L

    Shining Low Quarters?

    Hi everyone, I understand that we will need to bring a pair of black leather low quarters to R-Day. Should we plan on shining them before we get to R-Day? I understand we should break them in and am familiar with shining shoes through JROTC. Will shining them before I get to the Academy save me...
  2. birdwatcher4125

    Indoor Court Shoes for BEAST?

    Greetings, With only two days left before we hit the road for R-Day, DS and I were reviewing his packing list when we noticed a vague reference to "Indoor Court Shoes". This reads like he needs basketball/hi-tops for the indoor obstacle course, as well as running shoes. Is this correct, or...
  3. W

    Low Quarter Shoe Advice

    I purchased three pairs of low quarters- Oxford DLATS - to identify the correct fit for me. All of the shoes I purchased experience the same problem: the heel slips. Does anyone have suggestions on ways to fix this problem or avoid/ prevent blisters due to this problem?
  4. H

    Indoc prep Advice requested

    I just received Indoc prep instruction via email (login book), but more info adds more confusion to my prep planning. Could anyone please help on the following? 1. "White" running shoes for Indoc: what brand or kind do you recommend? I ready have colored shoes broken in for my feet, but do I...
  5. StonewallSisk

    Court Shoes

    So we have to get mostly white court shoes for BEAST training with full-grain or synthetic leather. How strict are they on this? Would the Nike Metcons work or would the other pair be best. Nike Metcon Nike Court...
  6. C

    Shoes to bring to USAFA Prep?

    I will be attending USAFA Prep and since I am a size 13 I must buy and bring my own shoes does anyone know if their is a specific kind I must purchase because USAFA Prep does not give any specifics. I'm thinking there is none but if someone could help me out that'd be great, also if there is no...
  7. nodiva

    Shoe measurements form in PTR

    It is a pretty widely accepted fact that NB shoes run .5 smaller than other athletic shoes (any runners on the forum know that they sometimes wear a full size bigger in Nike and other brand running shoes than they do everyday shoes), so my question is: should DD assume the measurements asked for...