1. P

    College Reapplicant SOE

    Good morning everyone, Had a question that is recently stumping my application and I. I am a college reapplicant and have completed all of my file apparentally apart from my SOE (school official evaluation). On my side, I stated to my RC that I have completed my SOE as I have submitted a ROTC...
  2. C

    Missing SOE

    What happens if I'm missing one of my SOE forms? My physics teacher refuses to complete it because he thinks that this is a form that can be completed by any teacher. I'm trying to convince him otherwise, but if I can't what will happen if I'm missing one of my SOE forms, is my application just...
  3. E

    Coaches and SOE's

    Hey everybody, right now in my application I'm looking at nominations, the CFA and SOE's. For the SOE's I see that I need one from a PE teacher and for the CFA, I can have it administered by PE teachers. However, I'm just a little confused because for both, all it says is I can't use coaches and...
  4. B

    Offical Transcripts Pending

    How long does it typically take for the 6th semester offical transcripts to be reviewed? Furthermore, how long do the evaluation forms take to process following completion? Ie: My English Teacher hers Friday afternoon, and it's still not visible in the portal.
  5. S

    I never took PE in High school, what do I do for the SOE.

    Instead of taking P.E at my high school, I to JROTC. Am I allowed to put my JROTC instructor for my SOE?
  6. B

    English and Math SOE Question Help

    Good afternoon, After considering the factors going into my choice of English and Math teachers for my SOE's, I have come to the conclusion that I need an in-depth explanation to the types of questions asked by West point to those teachers. To be honest, I have damaged my relationship with one...
  7. BSCAR

    SOE for phys Ed

    I wasn't even aware that I had to have an SOE from a gym teacher until I opened my application and saw it. Is it new this year? Is it like the other SOE teachers where I can also get and submit a letter of recommendation?