English and Math SOE Question Help


Mar 7, 2019
Good afternoon,

After considering the factors going into my choice of English and Math teachers for my SOE's, I have come to the conclusion that I need an in-depth explanation to the types of questions asked by West point to those teachers.

To be honest, I have damaged my relationship with one of my my teachers, so insight to the questions (Examples, Types, is it subject matter related, or Personal character related) -how does it compare to the employer evaluator form) would be appreciated.

Furthermore, if anyone has experience with the effect of -not bad- but not glowing recommendations, can you please share your story
Others will weigh in on the exact questions/statements expected from references.

More importantly, you can help yourself greatly by mending fences with that teacher. That would be a mature act, an act of true leadership — the kind that SAs seek. Reaching out and making things right could make a big difference in what that teacher has to say about you. And really, do you have anything to lose?

Will a lukewarm reference — or worse — make a difference? Well, you’re in a complex competition with very highly accomplished candidates. Every point counts. So try not to leave any on the table.
Thank you, my point of worry stems from my scenario, that athough I have completely recovered the relationship with my teacher. I am fearful, that a question like -has this student ever _____" will come up. If you know what I'm saying...

Do you have any insight on the archetype of questions asked?
At least at USNA, you can use junior or senior year teachers. Is that an option for you? I have no idea what they specifically ask. Could you maybe have a heart to heart convo with that teacher, asking if they feel like they could give you a positive recommendation in xxx scenarios, stating that you understand if they cannot? But then you would know.