1. FØB Zero

    Girls/Boys State

    Hey friends! At my school roughly 4 boys and girls go to “Boys/Girls State” each year total. I will be applying this school year and was curious how to gain leadership at Girls State. Is it divided among /school, /city, or /state? If anybody could explain to me what to expect there (female) at...
  2. Dadx4

    State/District Coordination Question

    Mods, BGOs, ALOs, RCs, anyone else. I tried to research this question on the forum, and I got patchy information, so I wanted to ask it directly. Do the academies know which Districts and Senators coordinate to avoid double-nominations (to the same or different academies)? Do they take...
  3. DoctorShrinker

    Boy's State Application Question

    Hey, everybody. So, I'm a Junior in high school. Aspiring to go to USMA or USNA. I've heard a lot that Boy's State is an extremely good thing to put on any resume let alone one for a Military Academy. When I spoke to my guidance counselor, she told me that the process bases itself from the...
  4. ktnatalk

    Veterans Benefits by States Regardless of commissioning or enlisting, states have very different policies on veterans benefits. Some are much more generous than others. Some criteria are based on the state one enters a...
  5. SeanBrom

    Moving states while in congressional nomination process?

    I have submitted my Nomination applications to both my Senators and my congressman in the state of Illinois. But due to relocation of my father's job, our family has moved to Nevada. I have not yet gotten a Nevada license, but I am unsure if living here from here on out takes me out of the...
  6. K

    Summer vs State

    (moderators, please move this to the appropriate discussion room) Summers sessions (any of em) vs Girls/Boys State? Hypothetically speaking, if a DD/DS were to get accepted to the summer sessions of all the academies AND the Girls/Boys State and there were scheduling (or finance) conflicts...