1. P

    What are my chances of getting into the Virginia Military Institute, based off this:

    (Rising senior) Early Decision application Provisional appointment to the class of 2028 Weighted GPA: 3.4 AP + IB classes (including senior year): 6 total SAT (super-scored): 1200, working on a 1400 this next SAT date Took model united nations (MUN) class Participated in a debate club Taking...
  2. SandBaby

    "Complete & On Hold"

    Hello! I've seen similar questions all over this forum, but I guess it's my turn to ask what I can do about my "Complete & on hold" status in DoDMETS. My case has been Complete & on hold as of 11/14/2021. From what I can gather, it's fairly common for applicants to be in this status for a...
  3. D

    Anyone Still Waiting to Hear?

    I have a nomination and am CPR. However, I have not gotten any mail or information since the nomination in January. Should I be concerned? As well is anyone else still waiting? What news will I hear first? Email?, MOC?, or BGO?