summer training

  1. C

    Fort Benning Combatives Courses

    Can cadets take the Army Combatives Courses as part of summer training? Has anyone ever heard of cadets going to these courses?
  2. Z

    Summer experience

    I am heading into my MS2 year ( not contracted) and I was thinking about applying for CULP for the next summer, just have a few questions. Do you have to be contracted to apply for CULP? And what other opportunities are there for a MS2 besides CULP if I were to not get accepted? Thanks.
  3. andreb72

    ROTC Cadet Summer Training Oppourtunities

    DS is a Freshman ECP ROTC Cadet at Vallet Forge. I was wondering where I could locate information about summer training opportunities that may be available at the end if this school year. Thanks
  4. V

    Summer Training Opportunities

    I am currently a senior in high school, and I was awarded a three year Army ROTC Scholarship. I am very grateful for this opportunity and I want to make the most of it. What can I do while attending ROTC that can increase my chances of being selected for summer training opportunities like...
  5. Z

    CLC 2016?

    Hello, Has anyone heard anything about CLC this summer for AROTC? Dates? Regiments? My cadre have not heard anything about it for anyone not completing other supplementary training (CULP, Airborne, Air Assault).
  6. A

    Army ROTC Training Opportunites

    Link from Reddit below - This source has provided other great information regarding CLC and other internships available to AROTC Cadets. Basic information from the Reddit post below. Key is to...