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    SAT Super-score Question

    Hello everyone, I recently received my scores for the SAT. My math score and essay score are satisfactory; however, my reading/writing score was a bit low for my liking. I am planning to retake the SAT to get a higher reading/writing score and super-score for a even higher number. When I retake...
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    Do Junior Military Colleges superscore the ACT?

    I know Army ROTC does but what about Marion Military Institute and Valley Forge?
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    SAT Superscored?

    I'm going to be applying for Army and Navy ROTC. I've tried many different resources but haven't seemed to find a definitive answer for if they superscore the SAT or take your best sitting. I understand that I should aim for my best either way and I have my study schedule planned out, but I...
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    ACT Superscore?

    I have seen that the USAFA takes your highest scores on the ACT. Does this mean they superscore it? (taking the highest of each category)?