ACT Superscore


USAFA 2025
Sep 29, 2020
Here is the deal:
I got a 33 on my first ACT (35 English 35 Math 30 Reading 31 S/R)
I just took the 10/24 ACT and feel I might have improved on English and Math to a point where I could have gotten a 36, which obviously would look better in terms of a superscore. However, for Reading and S/R I have NO CLUE how I did. I could have improved, remained the same, or declined. I cannot decide now whether to utilize my free score sends that are available until Thursday or not. Basically the case for me not sending is that if I declined at all in Reading or S/R I am worried that USAFA will still superscore but also possibly consider the fact that I did poorly the second time around in those two categories, thus hurting my appointment chances. Once the scores come out, and if I scheduled to send to USAFA previously, I will not be able to cancel the sending if I did bad. My question is whether low second scores could potentially hurt appointment chances, even if I had better scores calculated in my superscore. This explanation/question was kind of hard to word so let me know if you get it. Also, can anyone answer this same question for USNA?
Thanks to everyone who responds.
Superscore means they take the best from all sittings. A new score will not bring down your superscore, it would just be ignored if it's not as high.
It very clear what you are asking. It’s asked all the time. You can even search for other threads and discussion about it.

Don’t over think it! They super score, meaning they take the best. Some people post they don’t even bother to complete sections on the ACT that aren’t considered (that’s not my jam, however, I always strive for the best I can do, every time...and expect that from my kiddos). They are going to be looking at thousands upon thousands of scores. They are not going to spend time dissecting your specific decline in any one single area, if it happens. Period.

Up to you. Save $26 and send for free (which I recommend), or wait to see if there is any change ‘worth’ sending and spend the money.

Good luck!!