1. N

    Texas vs. Vandy

    Any input on the NROTC units at Vanderbilt and University of Texas in Austin? DS visited Texas and loved it. They’ve been so welcoming and supportive. Not feeling the same support from Vandy but planning to visit next month. Any intel? Thank you!
  2. AimHighMom

    2028 State Nominations Thread

    DS has called and emailed the IL Senators multiple times and has not received a response. The answer to the question is not found on their website either, so I'm hoping someone here has the information. Does Sen Durbin and Sen Duckworth want superscore test scores or best single sitting? Thanks...
  3. S

    Lingering Questions Regarding Slots

    Hello all, I’m a high school senior applying to USAFA from Texas. My district is one that USAFA recruits athletes from. FYI, I am not a blue chip/recruit. Annually, there have always been 2 recruits. This year, I heard of at least 3 athletes who committed to USAFA before I even opened my...
  4. S

    USCGA Admissions Interview - class of 2025

    My scheduled interview for USCGA class of 2025 is coming up soon. Besides knowing general history of the academy, Coast Guard, and details for my intended major and sport, any suggestions on what to know before the interview? Also, besides general interview questions, what should I expect for my...
  5. lacebolla

    Chance Me: USAFA Class of 2025

    Hello, everyone. I hope you all are doing okay with this pandemic and that you're staying safe. Seeing as I have just been given Candidate status, along with emailing my ALO for the first time, I thought the time would be appropriate to post a chance me. Thank you in advance for all of y'alls...
  6. F


    Howdy y’all I flew in to Austin on Monday and just arrived in College Station for my SNWC on Thursday. Is anybody else on this forum spending the night tomorrow?
  7. K

    State Nomination Threads - Moderated

    Just received my nomination to USMA from Jay Inslee (WA-01)! Now the wait.... Anyone else hear from Washington?!
  8. Dog711

    Two MOC Nominations to the same Service Academy

    Hi all, As the title says, I received two nominations, one from Rep. Ted Poe and another from Sen. John Cornyn for the Naval Academy and I don't really know what to do. Rep. Ted Poe sent his nominations early, so I have him as my nomination in the application portal. I am also applying to USAFA...
  9. R

    FY 19 Line Scholarships??

    Today our cadre received news that FY 19 is all supposed to get line scholarships as long as they weren't already contracted. My question is that if I'm in the national guard and awaiting SMP non-scholarship paperwork to push through, will I be able to ETS and get that line scholarship? One...
  10. 9

    Life in Texas A&M Corps of Cadet

    I was just awarded an Army scholarship to TAMU and I have no real idea of what life is like in the Corps of Cadets. I have a few questions: Is it a full time commitment where you wear the uniform everywhere and everyday? Is their time for other things such as fraternities and intermurals? Can...
  11. No1Fanof2

    NROTC offer/no offer

    Just out of curiosity if you received yay or nay what state are you from and what was the date you received the news? We are in SE Texas and have not heard anything.