united states naval academy

  1. H

    Self Harm Waiver

    Does anyone know if there is a waiver for self harm incidents for the United States Naval Academy. It so I would love to hear about the process of obtaining one.
  2. Mei_Mez07

    Class of 2029 Applicant: Extracurriculars

    Hello! I'm Mei and I really want to apply to go to the Naval Academy. I am currently a junior in high school. I want to study chemistry at the Naval Academy, and after serving my 9 years in the Navy I hope to go to medical school to be a doctor for the military (probably something with trauma...
  3. H


    Hey everyone. I recently was listed as DQ by single disqualification on DoDMERB. The codes used to disqualify me were D211.50 and D211.52. The specific reason was for a concussion I had at age 3 (2007). With this injury, I had a skull fracture, but the code used only seemed to cite “brain...
  4. C

    AP Stats or AP Gov & Politics (For USNA)

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me in deciding what course would be best for my application to USNA (this also applies to all academies as well). Next year, I was planning on taking one trimester of regular economics (it’s required) and two trimesters of AP Gov & Politics, however...
  5. Q

    Are the majority of slots already filled up for the class of 2023?

    I fully intend on reapplying if I don't get in this time around because it's been my dream to serve my country and attend USNA. I haven't received a TWE yet and I'm just wondering if it's ridiculous to think I could be appointed at this point in the process. When do they typically respond if so...
  6. rjgetler

    My Reapplication to USNA

    Hello everyone. About a month ago, I received a TWE letter of denial to USNA after receiving my congressional nomination, but I really want to attend this incredible institution, so I have regrouped and have come up with a plan, and I just wanted to see what the Service Academy Forums community...
  7. R

    USAFA Waiver Request

    I am a candidate for USAFA and USNA, but I was medically disqualified by DoDMERB. On January 5th, USAFA notified me that they requested a medical waiver for me on my behalf, but my DoDMERB portal still displays "Pending Waiver Submission/Review" and the last update was made on September 25th...
  8. FatPilot117

    Let's get this Pilot-Allergy problem straight

    Hi, I'm an 18 year old senior in High School whose applying to the Air Force and Naval Academies. To me, either one would be a fine institution to attend, but when I'm scrolling through potential jobs, the pilot requirements for the Air Force (not the Navy I believe) state that you must have "No...
  9. J

    Summer Seminar

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice on the USNA Summer Seminar. I would appreciate any info, tips, or advice anyone can provide. Thanks! Sincerely, JohnJr1601
  10. T

    3rd Letter of Recommendation

    Hello, I got my 2 required letters of recommendation in (English and math) and I'm going to receive one from my Track Coach. Since I'm using the coach letter for my nomination applications, I figured I'd send it to Navy as well because I heard they accept an additional letter. My question is...
  11. J

    Blue and Gold Officer

    Hey, I would greatly appreciate any information on Blue and Gold Officers. Some questions I have are: How do I know who my Blue and Gold officer is? Does he contact me or to I contact him? What do Blue and Gold officers do? Thank You!
  12. M


    I am currently a junior and I plan on applying for the NROTC scholarship. I am a girl and in great physical condition, I can max out in all the physical requirements required. I have run Cross Country all throughout High School and received my Varsity Letter as a softmore. I am in the top 20%...
  13. C

    Do I have any chance for NAPS?

    I have already applied to the Naval Academy, but haven't seen much information on the typical grades/scores/activities which are helpful to getting accepted for the prep school. ACT: 24 SAT: 1060 (490 math, 570 verbal) GPA: 3.5862 unweighted, 4.51 weighted AP Classes: Physics 1: Algebra...