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Mar 8, 2017
Hey everyone,
I was wondering if anyone had any tips or advice on the USNA Summer Seminar. I would appreciate any info, tips, or advice anyone can provide. Thanks!
Try to get the application in quickly, but make sure it's solid. Don't be too disappointed if you don't make it. Keep your grades up and make sure you are in good physical shape before you go. If you do, have fun! It's a great experience!
Like previously mentioned if you do not get in, don't worry about it. The Summer Seminar choices aren't really a determining factor in who actually goes to the Academy or not. Also, have a great time, and make friends! If you could get a bit in shape (if not already) then that would be fine, but nothing is too rigorous. I'd emphasize making friends. In my squad it was awkwardly quiet for about a day and a half and we broke the silence and have become great friends. Learn from the experience, and get as much information as possible. While you wait to go, think of questions to ask cause there will be plenty answered. Enjoy your time over there!
If you are accepted, get in shape for the CFA. It will be administered during NASS, and excelling on it then means the CFA is one less thing you have to worry about on your application for admission to USNA.
Uh, folks, NASS isn't until NEXT summer and applications don't open until January. For now, you are much better off focusing on having a terrific junior year -- academically, with sports, and in leadership.
^^ I agree. Remember that Summer Seminar is partly an effort to interest those from across the country in USNA who might not have otherwise considered an SA, so whether or not you get chosen has no impact on your ability to eventually get an appointment. Also, submitting your application 2 minutes before everyone else has ZERO impact on getting selected.
I went to NASS this year and I loved it. It's good you are already thinking about it so far in advance. Focus your energy on taking hard classes and strengthening your application in all areas. Take SAT and ACT until you have a strong score. Workout and get fit because you will be tested physically there. Don't sweat it if you don't get in, this does not mean you have a straight ride to Naval. Just work hard on all that you do and you will be just fine!
They released the prompts early last year, so I had my essay fully written and edited before the application even opened. Then at 1 o'clock (or whatever the time was), I pasted it in and filled out the rest. That was really helpful for me
My DS went to SS. He had not really prepared in any "by the book" way - but was in great physical shape. We live in a "non-competitive" area as far as NOMINATIONS are concerned. Here is my thought: If you get in to NASS, great. Make an AWESOME impression! It could help. My DS is a PLEBE, Class of 2021. His SS detailer nominated him for "Candiate of the Platoon". If you Don't get in, don't think you don't have a chance! TONS of folks get the Appointment even though they never went to SS. But make a good impression and I think it can help...make a poor/bad impression - - yep, the SS detailers DO reports!