usafa 2026

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    Leadership Advice

    Hey everybody! I'm applying for the class of 2026 and I have a huge concern about my leadership. At the moment, the only leadership posts I held at school are being the swim team captain and founder/president of a school club. I have not been involved with my school's student council, however, I...
  2. R

    Concerns regarding eligibility of non-citizens

    Good evening, today I started my application for USAFA. At the pre-candidate questionnaire it stated that you must be a US citizen to proceed. Previously, I thought that I just had to be a citizen prior to arriving at the academy. That being said, I can start my naturalization process October...
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    SATs/ACTs in California

    Any recommendations on when to register for SATs/ACTs? Due to the fact that UCs/CSUs aren't requiring scores, my school isn't offering insight on any testing this year. I'm a junior, and I need all the help I can get. As of right now, I´m considering registering at another testing site, but I'm...