(Another) DODMERB waiver question


Jan 10, 2020
I’m applying to USAFA CO 2026 and recently completed the entire application (including nomination), however I am medically disqualified. The portal says the typical “under waiver review” and I’m just curious if there’s anything I can do to increase my chance of getting a waiver or just speed up the process.

As of right now, the DODMERB portal has been extremely stagnate.

Thank you, anything helps.
Pls Google “DoDMERB;” Hit “Questions on the process;”
If you meet the criteria in paragraphs 11-12...then 15-21 will apply:wiggle:
Mr. Mullen has responded, and he's your go to source. The only other thing I'd share having gone through the process - I believe the next thing you will be looking for is a letter from USAFA Admissions informing you that they consider you competitive and have have requested a waiver on your behalf. I believe it comes in the form of a letter in your portal. Until then, there is nothing "speed up." If you've received that letter - then you should have an idea of next steps. Good luck!