usafa prep school

  1. BonoDex

    LEAD Program Advice

    Hello, I am currently in tech school and have been highly interested in the USAFA since high school, but didn't take the opportunity to apply. Now that I am enlisted and know about the LEAD program, I am extremely excited to begin preparations for applying. I would just like some advice as far...
  2. FMHS-79

    USAFA Prep School Class of 2020 Appointment Thread

    Congratulations to everyone who has been notified of their offer of appointment to the Air Force Academy Preparatory School for the Class of 2020. HOW TO ADD A NAME: This is self-reporting, self-updating and DIY thread. Mods don't update the list (kindly posters occasionally do, but the burden...
  3. J

    USAFA PS Parent Weekend

    So I know parent weekend is on Labor Day weekend. My parents would like to come visit me while I'm at PS. What usually happens during this weekend?
  4. J

    USAFA Prep School Class of 2019 Appointment Thread

    Congrats to everyone who has been notified of their offer of appointment to the Air Force Academy Preparatory School for the Class of 2019. If you would like, please post your information as follows: # posted) profile name / self-DD-DS / date notified of USAFA Prep offer /...
  5. M

    Currently Enlisted...need opinions on stats

    Hello, I am currently enlisted (hit my one year mark this past October) and have taken a keen interest in applying to the Academy. I heard about the LEAD program from a friend and felt inclined to apply; with this being a service academy, I know the competition will be fierce, so I am much more...
  6. D

    LEAD for Enlisted Airmen

    I'm currently enlisted and have been in for almost a year (went to BMT in March 2016). I've been looking into applying to the Academy through the LEAD program. I've been on station for about 5 months (since Sept. 2016) and have build a great rapport among my peers and leadership. I went through...
  7. K

    Current Enlisted Airman--LEAD

    Hello All, I am FTA at my base for about 3 months--I heard about the LEAD program from a friend and started doing some research; after a few weeks of pondering whether or not I wanted to apply, I decided to do it! The major thing holding me back is my academic profile...My SAT scores are pretty...
  8. completegonzo

    CFA Scores-- What do you think?

    Thanks for reading my post! I recently completed the CFA portion of my kit; my scores look like this: Push-ups: 62 Sit-ups: 106 Pull-ups: 19 One-mile run: 5:46.03 Shuttle-run: 6.95 Basketball throw: 79 I'm not exactly certain how USAFA grades the CFA, so I'm hoping to gain some feedback from...
  9. A

    Lets play the game: Am I good enough?

    So at the moment I am a junior in high school, in a suburb of Kansas City. I have a 3.8 weighted GPA and currently thinking that I will get a 29 on the ACT. At the moment I wish to major in Cyber Warfare with a minor in Computer Science, I love computers. Currently this semester, I have an A+ in...
  10. V

    Eligibility for USAFA?

    Hello, I am currently a senior. Female Korean with Natural Born U.S Citizenship I have a 4.12 GPA (unweighted) My SAT score is a 29 and my SAT is 1350. I have been in Varsity Cheerleading for my school. I am in theatrical plays. I am in two clubs: Art Club and Music Club. I am in National...
  11. C

    Shoes to bring to USAFA Prep?

    I will be attending USAFA Prep and since I am a size 13 I must buy and bring my own shoes does anyone know if their is a specific kind I must purchase because USAFA Prep does not give any specifics. I'm thinking there is none but if someone could help me out that'd be great, also if there is no...
  12. BLACKBIRD505

    New Mexico Military Institute Prep Program

    If you have any questions about prepping at NMMI as a self or Sponsored prep please ask! or any questions about the program.
  13. BLACKBIRD505

    NMMI Prep Program!

    I am a Prep here at New Mexico Military Institute. anyone who is interested in the Self Prep Program or is coming as a USAFA Falcon has any questions about the program or the school I am here to help.
  14. C

    Accepted to USAFA Prep but...

    I recently received news that I have been offered a spot at USAFA Prep and have already received TWE's from USNA and USMA but I was thinking that I should wait to accept the offer until I find out from USMMA. Now thinking about it I am wondering if I should just accept the spot at USAFA Prep but...
  15. JHeroldCC

    Looking to see how competitive of a candidate I am to USAFA Prep school.

    First off thank you to this site and the people who have helped out so far. I finished and submitted my USAFA application in late December; however, I did not receive a congressional nomination. I understand this will not allow me to have the chance at an appointment into the Academy. I am very...