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Feb 18, 2017
I'm currently enlisted and have been in for almost a year (went to BMT in March 2016). I've been looking into applying to the Academy through the LEAD program. I've been on station for about 5 months (since Sept. 2016) and have build a great rapport among my peers and leadership. I went through a lot in high school - most of which too personal to publicly put on this thread - but I will explain in the personal essay of my application. I have leadership experience in high school, college (in and out of ROTC), and in the military (during tech school). I'm confident in the support of my leadership. Here are some brief stats of myself:

HS GPA: 2.651 (graduated a semester early)
College GPA: 3.6 cumulative (1st semester: 3.461/13 SH; 2nd semester: 3.705/17 SH)
ACT: Composite: 23 ENG: 23 Math:23 Reading: 26 Science:23 Writing: 7 (out of 12 I think)
SAT: Not Yet Taken
PFA Composite: 98.9

Does anyone have similar stats or any insight on how I would favor in the application pool?
LEAD is a unique program. What you need to focus upon is not the "numbers" but rather, how are you doing in your career field, what does your leadership think of you? Does your immediate supervisor support you? The "shirt?" The CC? If you don't know the answers; that's okay, most "newby" airmen don't. The key is to let THEM know your interests! Be ready to answer tough questions: why do YOU think you'd make a good officer? You're not even a 5 level yet!! Why should we put our neck out for you? What do you bring to the table?

You need to be "killing" your primary AFSC...you need to be active and involved in the squadron, and you need to let your leadership know what you desire. They might not support you this year; you're an unknown. However...don't worry...press on becoming the finest in your field, the "go to guy/gal" that the "Shirt" remembers when they need someone to do something nobody else wants to do.

Do all that...and they'll be comfortable with you and the LEAD program.

Keep me advised!!

Good Afternoon my fellow Enlisted Members!

I'm currently a C3C at the Academy. I was a prior myself who applied to the Academy through the LEAD program. I was accepted into the academy directly. I usually visit the forum around this time to answer any questions that you might have. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Bonne Chance!
Pm me if you need help and advice. I got picked up for the Prep School last month via the LEAD program.
In 2012 I received my appointment to the AF Prep School through the LEAD program. Now there are 92 days until I commission. Questions are welcome!

The SAT/ACT and GPA minimums used to be published for the LEAD program, but I don't think they do that anymore. I'd say your ACT scores are the weakest part of your application (yes, the focus is not on the numbers but they still matter to some extent).
These are the scores available in the LEAD Brochure, which you can find on the AF Portal by searching for the LEAD program:


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