1. U

    Seventh Semester Transcript

    Good Morning All, Does anyone know if we have to send Seventh Semester (Senior Year) Transcripts to USAFA?
  2. N

    LOE/LOI and Medical

    Hello! I got an LOE from the Air Force Academy in mid-December that said a spot in the USAFA class of 2027 would be reserved for me provided I "meet all admissions requirements to include a qualified medical status." The letter continued to ask me to "submit all [of my] remaining admissions...
  3. N

    DODMERB Concerns

    Hello! I'm a candidate for USAFA and I am currently going through the medical evaluation process. I am concerned about my possible asthma history. My doctor has prescribed me Albuterol Sulfate in the past. I used it in 2017, when I was under 13, for pre-asthmatic concerns. I haven't used...
  4. G

    USAFA Portal-Nomination

    Hey, my application has been completed for quite some time now and I have recently received two nominations. I have my third interview next week. However, for one of my nominations I have two check marked bullets titled my congressional districts nomination. My nomination from my senator does no...
  5. O

    Virtual Informational Seminar - OH-12

    The office of Congressman Troy Balderson (OH-12) will host a virtual informational night regarding the service academy application process. We are offering the presentation on October 13th from 6-8p.m. Registration is required. Interested participants should email
  6. 2

    Tips to make myself more competitive for USAFA Appointment

    I'm currently a rising Sophmore aspiring to attend USAFA and earn a pilot slot. I am looking for tips to make myself more competitive over the rest of my high-school career. Are there any classes I should take? Any extracurricular tips? This is something I understand I need to put large amounts...
  7. blueskies18


    So I had a quick question about the vice-presidential nomination and I wondered if anyone knew a bit about it. I am living in Canada currently, but I am an American citizen, is there any way I can use my parent's past residency as a location to apply for a congressional nomination, or does it...
  8. P

    Is there anything I can do to improve my chances or strengthen my application?

    Here are my current stats: Not taken SAT yet – taking it on the 7th of May tho PSAT: 1370; perfect English score GPA: unknown yet (my school updates it in June); estimated to be around 3.9 unweighted Class rank: unknown yet for junior year, but as an underclassman, I was 19th/200. Since I've...
  9. FlyingDog2435

    Questions, Chatter, Congrats for the 2027 USAFA Appointment Thread

    This thread will be dedicated to Questions, Chatter and Congratulations for the Class of 2027!!! All reappointees may also use this thread as they wish. I hope this will turn into a Mini tradition since it has been a great success and it would be great to get it started early! Like last year...
  10. C

    DODMERB: Peanut Allergy

    I was recently awarded a type 1 AFROTC scholarship and acceptance to USAFA pending on my DODMERB. I reported that i had a minor peanut allergy, and I am trying to go through the waiver process. I went to an allergist just to see how severe my allergies are and I have a “moderate/high” allergy to...
  11. blueskies18

    Applying Next Year

    Hey everyone, I had a couple of questions for anyone that can answer. Im planning on applying to USAFA next year but Im worried about some of my grades. I go to hs in Canada, so our marking system might be slightly different, but all my classes are about 90-100% range. Im taking grade 12 chem a...
  12. J

    Can Falcon Foundation Scholars still gain an appointment this year?

    I’m a USAFA class 26’ applicant and this is my first time creating a thread on this forum. I am currently in a “good” dilemma because I have received the FFS and I have received an appointment to USNA. My heart was completely set on attending USAFA after attending the Summer Seminar but when I...
  13. L

    Questions About Medical DQ, Waivers, and Service Academies

    Hello, I completed my USAFA application by my November 1st deadline and got my medical DQ decision in early January. My original medical exam was initiated by USNA and not USAFA. USAFA has just been added to my dodmerb profile as an agency today (3/21/22). Is anyone familiar with this...
  14. F

    Osteochondral Lesion/Microfracture Surgery Waivers

    Applying to USAFA and USNA for class of 2027... I had some pain in my knee playing basketball in 8th grade and I was diagnosed by MRI with an osteochondral lesion (cartilage on kneecap was damaged). To fix it, I had microfracture surgery to fix the cartilage. Long story short, my knee has...
  15. L


    Can I get orthodontic treatment at the U.S. Air Force Academy?
  16. blueskies18

    International Applicant

    Hi everyone. I want to apply to USAFA for 2023, but I am currently attending high school in Canada. I am an American citizen, but I have no residency in the US. In terms of getting nominations, does anyone have any advice on who to contact and when? It is the only part of the application process...
  17. C

    Waiver or Automatically DQ'ed for checked psych boxes? - USAFA

    TRIGGER WARNING: self-injury, suicide, mental illness My son (currently 14 years old in 8th grade) really wants to attend USAFA after graduation. He is working hard to make himself a competitive applicant (for example, he chose advanced geometry, Spanish, and cyber security as his "electives"...
  18. C

    DoDMERB AMI Timing Question

    After DoDMERB received my IME, they requested an AMI form which I completed and sent back. I was wondering if anyone knows how quickly DoDMERB would be able to clear my exam/send my results to the USAFA? There shouldn't be any issues with the AMI as it is for an injury which has completely...
  19. blueskies18

    USAFA Application

    I am currently a grade 11 student (a junior), studying in Toronto, Canada, as an American citizen (dual citizenship). I am starting to think seriously about applications for next year, and was wondering if anyone had any advice. In terms of the fitness, I also needed some tips on how I could...
  20. C

    Service Academy Nomination Differences

    Good evening guys! I hope all of you are doing well. I recently got nominated by Congressman Pat Fallon to three service academies, USAFA (my first choice), USNA and USMA. Upon meeting him in person and attending a quick ceremony, I got my certificates and quickly realized a difference between...