1. N

    Can't decide between USNA and USAFA

    Hello all. I'm currently a sophomore in high school and during my first semester I learned about the service academies. I first learned about USAFA and was already set on going there to be a pilot (like everyone else lol). I then learned about the USNA and have always kinda had a draw to the...
  2. Z

    Usafa Nursing

    Hello I am a senior in highschool trying to figure out what to do about in the Airforce Academy. I have had my mind set on nursing as of now but I am confused with the whole process, I know the case my does not offer nursing as a major and I have looked at the USAFA requirements for healthcare...
  3. w@113r

    Changes to SA Nominations

    Just saw this announced by Service and Academy and ROTC Scholarship Insiders through a video. This will be in effect for USAFA, USNA and USMA for applicants to the c/o 2029 and to summarise: MOCs can nominate 15 candidates on a slate The number of appointments for Qualified Alternates is...
  4. G

    Late to the Party and Consolidating my Chances

    Hi y'all, I'm currently a HS junior who had to move to Korea recently for financial reasons. I'm writing this because I am consolidating my chances of actually being admitted into USAFA. I feel like having to move halfway through junior year screwed me over and am kinda lost as to what I should...
  5. Malst0rme

    College Advice

    Hey all. First time making a post but I'm in a difficult situation and would like some feedback. I have applied to USAFA and the Naval Academy, and additionally have nominations to both from my district representative. I have been offered the AFROTC commander scholarship to a decent school in my...
  6. A

    NAPS & USAFA Prep School

    Hello Everyone, I'm an applicant for the CO 2028 for both USAFA and USNA. I recently heard back that I was accepted to both of their prep schools. Did anyone else here in this forum hear back?
  7. merthofstadter

    Color Vision Deficiency

    Hi everyone, I've got red-green color vision deficiency. I can figure out lantern, cone test and other all except ishihara. Can I get accepted from USAFA and become a Warcraft Pilot or another professions. Thank you.
  8. C

    Summer Seminar 2024

    I applied to USMA SLE when it came out on the 1st, and I got in on the 9th. Is it usual to be accepted this quick? I also applied to USAFA and USNA Summer Seminar and still not heard back yet. Should I be worried?
  9. 9

    Appointed...Need Advice

    After 3 long years of applying, I have just received an appointment to USAFA. As truly humbled and thankful I am to receive this appointment after years of toil, I am really at a crossroads on whether or not I should accept the appointment. I'll explain my current standing. I am a 2nd year...
  10. HopefulAviator

    Waiver Waiting Game

    A little background: (Applying to USAFA) In 2022, I intermittently trialed Vyvanse for attention issues. My last dose was Aug 11, 2022. This is over the 15 months required. I was never diagnosed with adhd or any disorder, I just trialed it. After stopping, my doctor determined that the issues...
  11. H

    Cadet Sabers - What year are they issued?

    Hey everyone! As a current nominated candidate to USAFA and USNA (wish me luck), I got to wondering at what point you are given your cadet saber, should you choose to invest in one. I tried searching google, and was unable to find any definite results. I would greatly appreciate if someone could...
  12. I

    Turning my life around in hopes of getting in

    Hello everyone currently a 1st year at my local California community college. Ended up here because ended up high school with 2.3 overall GPA and currently on a road to change it all. I started this semester absolutely terribly due to personal worries and life events that happened. But that was...
  13. T

    Authorized Items

    Good Day, I am a measley C4C, so I understand that I gave up my rights by entering here (56 days!). However, in the years to come, what sort of things would I be allowed to have? For example, a rug, or a TV? (only for C1Cs, I know) If I'm living in my room, I'd like it to be a little more...
  14. O

    Waiver Appeal Process

    I am working on appealing a waiver denial for West Point and waiting to hear back from USNA and USAFA. Does anyone know the medical accession standards for hearing for various combat jobs? Specifically: Hearing Standards for STOs, CROs, etc. Hearing Standards for SEAL Officers Hearing...
  15. O

    What should my physician address in a letter?

    I was DQ'ed for high-frequency hearing loss in one ear (very minor btw). My ENT doctor told me it is not a problem at all and that he does not ever see it being an issue for service or life in general. It is not progressive and is only at a very high frequency so it pretty much just means I...
  16. OrionVII

    Does anybody have any advice for cadets who want to go to USMA or USAFA?

    Does Anybody have any advice for high school students who want to attend USMA or USAFA?
  17. WingsofBlue19

    What PFT score is most in need of improvement?

    After 2 months with no scheduled PT I took the PFT again, or atleast the JROTC version, which is watered down and consists of 1 minute of pushups, 1 minutes of Situps, and a 1 -mile run. My scores were as follows- Pushups/Min:52 Situps/Min:52 Mile Run: 6:52 A little 52 heavy, isn't it? I...
  18. WingsofBlue19

    Early Graduation and it's Potential Effects on Admissions

    I'm going into my sophmore year of high school, I have a >4.0 GPA, a 30 ACT composite(as of freshman year), and more credits than I should. On that point, I am faced with a choice; I can either graduate this year(sophmore year), or go through all four years. To give a bit of background, I am an...
  19. S

    Embry Riddle NROTC vs USAFAPS

    I’m stuck between NROTC at ER and USAFAPS. I have two older siblings, one graduated from USNA and flying jets, another currently at USNA ‘24. My father also served 23 years Navy so it's a big influence. Does anyone have any advice or pros and cons about either one? Statistics? Academics...
  20. H

    What academics got you into USAFA?

    As a highschool student hoping to make it to USAFA, I was curious about what got other people into USAFA, (Academics, extracurriculars, SAT/ACT grades) to see what more I could do to make my dreams a reality. Alternatively, if you are USAFA faculty I would love to know what classes and sat...