1. E

    FVE Question

    Does attending the Falcon Visitation Experience guarantee an LOA?
  2. M

    ACT Superscore

    Here is the deal: I got a 33 on my first ACT (35 English 35 Math 30 Reading 31 S/R) I just took the 10/24 ACT and feel I might have improved on English and Math to a point where I could have gotten a 36, which obviously would look better in terms of a superscore. However, for Reading and S/R I...
  3. FØB Zero

    USMA & USAFA Sam Fitness Standards?

    My CFA results were accepted by USMA. One section (B.B. throw) is below average quite a it, but apparently it passed for West Point. Should I also forward these scores to USAFA? (As in USAFA has same minimum). Or retake to be safe?
  4. T

    CFA Help

    Out of the 3 areas - academic, leadership, and physical - my physical component needs the most work. I am not out of shape by any stretch of the imagination, but from looking at the goal scores that USAFA has posted on their website, I need a little more work I need to do. What did you guys do...
  5. M


    Hi guys, I am really, really confused. I need a final clarification. I understand that the USNA considers only two of the ACT sections. I know one is the Math. Is the other English (grammar) or Reading (passages and answers)? I hear English is it on this thread constantly, however, I emailed my...
  6. R

    Question about COVID-19 Impact on Admissions

    So as stated by many in past threads, COVID really has affected admissions for all service academies greatly. I was wondering what you guys thought about COVID impacting admissions and competitiveness? My personal opinion is that the number of overall students applying to the academies will be...
  7. B

    Letters of rec + an obvious question

    I'm a senior in high school looking to go to USAFA or USNA. I've just received two letters of recommendation from teachers, and one from a Veteran I worked with for a Boy Scouts project. I have a couple of questions: 1) Can I use the same letters of recommendation for college and for...
  8. FØB Zero

    Basketball throw (F)

    Does anybody know how 28 ft is scored for females? I did well in all other areas, so should I retake solely bc of this weak section?
  9. M

    Chances of Getting into USAFA/USNA?

    Hi guys, I am a high school senior applying to USAFA and USNA for their Classes of 2025. I wanted to post some of my credentials and see if anyone thought I had a chance at being appointed to either academy. Without further ado... Academics: -3.94/4.0 Unweighted GPA -33 ACT (35 English, 35...
  10. US2021

    Candidate activities record

    States “describe all leadership positions you have held”. The other sections state exactly to explain actions. Does this mean that the leadership section still wants us to describe actions?
  11. US2021

    Stats advice

    Any feedback on areas I can improve? What is your thoughts overall? ACT: 34 GPA: 3.96 (competitive school) Sports: club swimming, Varsity, state champ, HS team capt. Activities: National Honor Society President
  12. FØB Zero

    Pilot slot competitiveness

    Are there more slots available through USAFA or AFROTC route? Would like to check here.
  13. M

    Transfer MEPS Physical to DoDMERB

    Hello guys! So I just came back from MEPS and have been qualified. My recruiter for enlistment told me that I could use the MEPS result for USAFA (I'm doing reserve as a backup). How do I forward the MEPS results to DoDMERB? Thank you for any response!:):):wave:
  14. L

    Evaluator ALO Interview Tips?

    For reference, I have completed 6/11 of the required forms needed for my application. With that, as of yesterday (8/28), I have completed all of my DoDMERB exams on the same day. Would anyone here be able to give me some insight as to when I'd be expecting my Evaluator ALO to contact me? Or...
  15. E

    August SAT got cancelled

    So just when I thought I was all fine and dandy and my 1370 (680 M 690 R) score would be improved to make myself a more competitive candidate, CB decided to send me a lovely email detailing for the second time in the past few months, my testing center was cancelled. Now I planned for this and...
  16. E

    Help on Essays

    I'm currently in the process of beginning to write my essays for nomination applications. Are there any specific things I should/shouldn't mention in my essays? I'll also take any other advice anyone has to offer about essays and nomination applications in general.
  17. F

    Nominations (VP and President)

    Ok so I've looked all over the USAFA Website, and tried looking on this forum however, I would appreciate clearer information. Here's what I would appreciate knowing more about: VP 1) How many recommendation letters do I need to send for this application? On the website, it says to send...
  18. L

    ALO finder for Usafa

    I was hoping to see if anyone could help me locate my ALOs contact information. Any help is appreciated.
  19. A


    Hello! Do you need several nominations if you plan to apply to all the service academies? Is it more of you just need one person (Senator, Congressman, Vice-President, etc.) to nominate you to all the service academies you've applied to? Would you need to attend several interviews for each...
  20. CB2515

    Navy and Air force Careers Comparison

    Hi everyone! I have applied for the class of '25 for both USNA and USAFA in hopes of getting into either one in order to pursue a military career. I've taken quarantine to really look into all the career opportunities available to me after the academy in both branches. I think both academies...