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    USAFA Basic Training

    Hello, On November 7th, I received my appointment to the Air Force Academy. That being said, I want to make a good impression during BCT. Could any current/future USAFA Cadet tell me any specifics about what happens during the six weeks? More importantly, what are some good ways to train for...
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    usafa cfa scores

    I already submitted my CFA scores about a week ago to the Academy but upon closer examination I'm a little nervous that they aren't as good as I thought they were... Basketball throw 35', Pullups 1, Shuttle run 10s, Sit ups 79, Pushups 35, mile run 6:12. I feel like other peoples scores were...
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    CFA Scores

    I am a senior applying to multiple service academies and I just took my CFA last week, and I have a question regarding my performance. Scores: Basketball Throw: 66 ft (max-102 goal-69) Pullups: 17 (max-18 goal-12) Shuttle Run: 7.8 sec (max-7.8...
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    USAFA Prep School Appointee

    I am an Appointee for USAFAPS Class of 2019! Because BMT is in less than two months, I was wondering if I could get any tips for BMT, packing (what to bring that's not on the list), and just the Prep School in general! Thank you!
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    I was accepted to AFASS this morning, and shortly before I received my email I registered for the NASS. I am also registered for girls state, which is the same week as AFASS I know that USAFA and USNA are very different and I would learn a lot by going to both. My concern is that going to girls...
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    To Those Applying In High School

    First of all I wanted to congratulate all of you for applying. That's the first step. I wanted to say that I understand how stressful it is getting everything in, but hang in there! I also know that it may not work out for you the first time around, but don't worry. My Junior year of high school...
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    Pre-Candidate Questionnaire

    Hi all, I am being recruited by USAFA for cross country and track and field and the Academy is my top choice as of now. I have a 3.84 GPA (my school has an extremely small weighted scale so unweighted is 3.82) and I am an overall good student and a well rounded person in all AP and Honors...