1. peppypea

    More than one ALO?

    My DS is pursuing three academies: CG, AF and Navy- his hope is to serve our country, but he's REALLY like to do so by going through an academy first, lol! So, on to the point: DS has an ALO for the USAFA- should he also find a rep for the other academies or do we continue to pester just one...
  2. A

    Re-applying to USAFA & USCGA

    Currently, I am a Junior in high school and about to be a Senior. I currently have a 3.7 weighted GPA and a 3.4 unweighted with a 25 ACT Composite 20 English/31 Math/22 Reading/ 30 Science. Now I am applying to the above-listed academies, but have accepted the fact that with those scores I will...
  3. mah17

    Full appointment/ Appointment package

    I am very sorry to bother you all but I am hoping you have an answer, I was given a conditional appointment on my bears den the 30th, turned in my medical paperwork the following Monday and received an email confirmation the next day. Would it be possible to receive the full appointment letter...
  4. mah17

    Whats Next

    I was just appointed with a conditional appointment last week, I sent in the paperwork to make it a full appointment this afternoon. Does anyone know what happens next for me?
  5. YellowRoseofTexas

    Advice for creating a safety net?

    Hello! I would love to attend USCGA. I understand that realistically, the academy is very hard to get into (the others are as well). I have spoken with a USMA graduate in addition to a USNA graduate who have said to apply to all of the academies because you don't know who is going to accept you...
  6. mah17

    Cancel the ROTC scholorship

    I was awarded the scholarship during the first board, yesterday I was given an appointment to the CGA and would like to cancel the ROTC. How do I do that?
  7. U

    USCGA Application

    When will the first people begin to be notified of their early action application decisions?
  8. U

    Left Varicocele

    Applying to CGA, just submitted my application and created my DoDMERB account. I've got a varicocele on my left testicle. Does this automatically disqualify me? If it does, will surgical removal re-qualify me?
  9. M

    Chance of getting into USCGA?

    I was just accepted to their AIM program which has given me the confidence that I'm doing something right, but I figured I'd still ask. I have a 4.0/4.1 cumulative GPA. I've taken biology, environmental science, and chemistry and will be taking honors physics next year. For math I've taken alg...
  10. alexFL1

    Questions about USCGA Life

    I have tried to do some research on the Academy, but there just isn't much info online so I have a few questions. Please feel free to answer ones that you feel comfortable answering, thanks! 1- At Navy I know they have quirky rules for freshman like squaring corners and making chow calls. How...
  11. alexFL1

    USCGA vs Air Force ROTC

    My goal is to become a pilot, I am dead set on that. But which route would be "better" or more guaranteed? I got wait listed at the USCGA, but hoping I eventually get accepted, my choices then would be there or joining the Air Force ROTC at the University of Central Florida (UCF). Which school...
  12. U

    Went from Qualified to Remedial Requested for DoDMERB

    Hello, I went to the DoDMERB thread to ask this question. But, no one has responded to the thread. Maybe someone could give me some feedback on this. I finished my DoDMERB exams during February and received a status of Qualified 2 days ago. Today, I went back on the website and said that my...
  13. U

    Status changed from Qualified to Remedial Requested

    Hello, I finished my DoDMERB exams during February and received a status of Qualified 2 days ago. Today, I went back on the website and said that my status was Remedial Requested. Did my Review Status change because the Review Board found something they didn't catch the first time evaluating...
  14. H

    Officer Positions in The CG

    As someone very interested in the Coast Guard Academy, or direct commission selected school program, because of the ability to gain a bachelors degree and then serve, I was just wondering what kind of positions are available for officers. The website lists the descriptions for enlisted rates but...