1. G

    How do Cadets (especially Plebes) find dates to balls?

    I've been appointed to the class of 2023 and I've recently been wondering something: If Plebes are restricted to campus most of the time, and have just been flown miles and miles from home away from all their old contacts, how do they manage to find civilian dates for the balls they have their...
  2. W

    Aviation Opportunities at WP

    What are some of the fixed wing aircrafts or helos available to WP officers after graduation and how does that process work. I’m considering USNA and USAFA but I really want to go to WP but I can’t really find a lot of information about their avaiation processes within the academy or what...
  3. CB267

    Should I be worried about the 3Q letter??

    Hi. I am candidate for the USMA class of 2023. I recieved an "academic" LOA from West Point in early October and I am now medically qualified/have a nomination but I haven't received a 3Q letter. Is there something else that I need to do that I am unaware of?? Because many of my friends have...
  4. K

    Extra Curricular and Application Advice

    I am a 2023 candidate with a 4.3 gpa, 40/500 rank, 30 ACT, and a 1350 SAT. I am a three sport athlete, being named a captain in all three. I am a member of Key-club, NHS, and Various church groups including the nominating committee. My FFR told me to try to bolster my extra curricular...