1. C

    Hey! I need some help...

    Hi everyone, I'm a current HS senior and need advice and tips to apply and hopefully get into West Point. I Know I'm coming in late, but I've heard that I could always transfer after 1 year of college locally. I made my account somewhat recently in early February and am really working hard to...
  2. annabel.h

    Medical DQ and Rejection Questions - USMA

    I just received my medical DQ and what I’m pretty sure is a rejection letter from WestPoint. I will attach an image of the letter. I had high hopes of going, and had received two nominations (one senatorial, one congressional) but had about 3-4 medical disqualifications. I passed the CFA exams...
  3. S

    USMAPS 23

    Any USMAPS appointees yet?
  4. 1

    USMAPS class of ‘22

    I will be attending USMAPS in about a little more than a week. Applications have opened up for the West Point class of ‘26 already. Do I have to still submit applications for nominations from my senators and congressman or is that not needed since I’ve been accepted into USMAPS? Just asking so...
  5. thesword76

    USMAPS 2022 Appointment List

    Congrats to everyone on their USMAPS 2022 Appointment! "HOW TO ADD A NAME: This is DIY self-reporting and self-updating the full list. Mods don't update the list. Kindly posters occasionally do, but the burden falls on posters to copy the list, add their entry and post the updated list. Ditto...
  6. P

    USMAPS Can I get in?

    Hey I was wondering how likely it is of me getting in to USMAPS and if I’m required to take the SAT or ACT and if it would help me? I am a junior in High school. I was a team captain for three varsity sports, founder of a club, charter member of an organization, and first chair in wind...
  7. U

    USMAPS before USMA?

    Hey y’all, I am wondering if I should aim for the prep school (USMAPS/MMI/NMI) before West Point. Coming out of high school, I have no military back ground in my family and no military experience, and not much technical military knowledge so I feel that this would put me behind in West Point...
  8. DS1998

    USMAPS Prior enlisted packing list

    Do prior enlisted bring everything that the Army has already issued them? I.e. uniforms and CIF equipment.
  9. Q

    USMAPS 2019 Appointment Thread

    Congrats to all of those who will enter the West Point Prep School for the 2018-19 academic year. Let's start below with the familiar format. # posted / profile name / self-DD-DS / date notified of MAPS offer/ Accepted,Declined,Undecided / State-District / Direct entry or Prior Enlisted...
  10. F

    USMAPS prep school

    If DS is being considered for USMAPS, when will this happen? There were four applicants in his high school to USMA and all have heard back. One LOA (undecided), one TWE, One Appointment (almost identical stats as my DS, but with Governor's recommendation), and my DS. His file was being looked...
  11. Q

    How do USMAPS and AOG offers normally work?

    I heard that there was about two more weeks left of handing out appointments and rejections. If you don't get either, then does that mean you are being considered for the prep school or an AOG scholarship? I know they have to wait for the acceptance deadline, but do they start filling in slots...
  12. chrisrcollege


    Hey guys, So I have taken the SAT once and the ACT 3 times. I got a 26 all 3 times (I know just my luck) even after taking a prep course and trying different methods for studying and taking practice exams. My super score is a 28, and here are the individual scores for anyone wondering English -...
  13. T

    Selections for USMAPS

    I'm an enlisted soldier applicant who received a letter of denial (TWE) into the Class of 2021 in the mail today. My original intent upon applying was, and still is, to gain an appointment to USMAPS to become a cadet candidate competing for a slot in the Class of 2022. Does this letter mean I am...
  14. T

    SOE's - How many do you need?

    I've had three completed SOE's in my portal for some time, however, there is a red "X" under my third evaluation that reads "evaluation not on file: Add new below." What exactly does this mean? Do I need more than three SOE's for an application to USMA?