usna 2022

  1. FutureMarine07

    Happy New Year!

    2018 is coming to a close, and many things have happened, both in the world, in our military, at the Service Academies, in ROTC units, in OCS/OTS/PLC classes, and on this forum. If you wish, reply with important moments this year that happened in the military, at the Academies, in your/your...
  2. S

    Bipolar roommate?

    Hey everyone, I’m a USNA midshipman class of ‘22 and... my roommate lately has been acting very strangely. First off she’s failing all but 3 classes. Seconds, she never does her part in the room, and stays up all hours of the night doing weird things like folding clothes and doing her nails and...
  3. M

    Uniform Measurements

    Hi, I am part of USNA's academic class of 2022 and I have to fill out an uniform measurement sheet. Can any alumni or current student tell me how to measure my sleeve length? the sheet does not provide instructions for finding the sleeve length. Thank you.
  4. M

    Iday Medical exam

    My induction day is on June/28 and I was wondering if any current students or alumni can tell me about the medical exam that takes place on Iday. How thorough is it? (specifically the eye exam portion if any) What does it include? Thank you all.
  5. M


    So I completed my USNA application at the start of September and everything had been submitted except for my nomination. I waited until nominations in January or February and somehow I did not get one. I had a 27 ACT and a 3.6 GPA. My brother had a 22 ACT and barely a 3.0 GPA when he went...