virginia military institute

  1. beelarr

    VMI Class of 2024+3

    Just starting a thread for anyone who may be in the VMI 2024+3 class! DS will be doing NROTC and will be on the swim team. We are looking forward to meeting everyone in August!
  2. T

    Can VMI cadets have coffee makers in their rooms?

    Or is that just something I'll have to go without for the next 4 years?
  3. T

    How much sleep does an average SMC cadet get?

    Specifically VMI and Citadel, but I'm also curious about the other four too. Also, does your sleep schedule change over the weekends or summer training?
  4. T

    VMI or Citadel? Psych major and USMC Commission

    Hey yall, I'm a current senior looking to major in psychology and commission into the Marines, and I have several questions on how to decide between the two. I've been browsing the forums, but most of the posts I've run into are for AROTC commissions which don't really help me that much. As...
  5. W

    ranking the difficulty of getting each of the 17 army branches.

    I am planning on commissioning army from VMI and I was wondering how hard it is to branch in something like Finance corps. I am not too interested on branching combat arms or something like transportation, but it’d be interesting to know how competitive all of the possible career options are...
  6. G

    Virginia Military Institute Application Chances, Advice, and Questions

    Good morning, afternoon, or evening, I am an out-of-state Florida early decision applicant for the upcoming class. This post is primarily to query this community about my chances at admission to VMI and to ask a few questions. For the past year or so I've read nearly every VMI post on this...
  7. M

    What are my chances of getting in to VMI???

    I’ve been scrolling around the internet forever trying to see my chances of getting into VMI and I’m hoping to get some solid advice here. I’m a rising senior, getting ready to apply soon (early decision) I’m a white female, 3.2 gpa, 1200 sat I do marching band, and have a high position of...
  8. W

    Ask Me Anything: Rat at Virginia Military Institute

    I'm currently a Rat wrapping up the Ratline, or six month indoctrination process at VMI. Also, a mechanical engineering major and Midshipman 4th Class in the Naval ROTC unit at VMI. Ask me anything!
  9. P

    I made a mistake on VMI application

    I submitted online application almost 2 months ago. Today, I review my submitted application. I realize I fill out the wrong information. I filled out "F-2" on the answer box, asking for type of Visa I hold, but I'm holding F-1 Visa. How can I fix it? Please help
  10. P

    VMI Personal Statement words count

    Hello, I am about to write a personal statement for VMI, but it doesn't mention how many words are limited. Anyone please let me know the word limit. Thank you
  11. J

    Chances of getting Accepted into VMI

    My DS just received a 4 yr Army ROTC scholarship. Does this increase his chances of getting accepted to VMI?
  12. L

    chance of getting into VMI?

    pretty weak resume imo 3.3 UW GPA, 3.6 Weighted 31 ACT I don't know if they just check GPA or rigor of individual courses, but my GPA is low due to electives like french and psychology. My grades in engineering, math and history are good, and science and english grades are ok. 4 ap 9 honors...
  13. C

    Marine Option at VMI

    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, I am currently scheduled to matriculate at VMI this August as a rat of the Rat Mass of 2017+3. I have selected Marine Option as my ROTC choice, and I was hoping that some current/former Marine Option Cadets could answer a few questions. Note that I am on an...