1. P

    What are my chances of getting into the Virginia Military Institute, based off this:

    (Rising senior) Early Decision application Provisional appointment to the class of 2028 Weighted GPA: 3.4 AP + IB classes (including senior year): 6 total SAT (super-scored): 1200, working on a 1400 this next SAT date Took model united nations (MUN) class Participated in a debate club Taking...
  2. beelarr

    VMI Class of 2024+3

    Just starting a thread for anyone who may be in the VMI 2024+3 class! DS will be doing NROTC and will be on the swim team. We are looking forward to meeting everyone in August!
  3. C

    Maximum cost you’d be willing to spend to attend

    My dream school is VMI. I was accepted for this fall and I am dying to commit and attend. It will cost me $33,000 this year (they gave me $27,000 of financial aid) since I’m OOS. I have been waiting to hear back from the AFROTC scholarship, but of course it’s been delayed for the second time to...