1. Y

    DODMERB Waiver Problem -- Can't Get My Own Records!

    I am in a dilemma. I am currently an army ROTC MS 1 (freshman) with a 3 year national scholarship pending (my cadre upgraded it to a 3.5 year scholarship😁), but I have an issue with my medical records. I have to provide my pharmacy records for the last four years. I have been unable to do so...
  2. brobaes

    Vision Medical Waiver (Hard to get?)

    Hey everyone, prospective candidate of USNA class of 2028 and just wanted to know, How hard is it to get a vision waiver? I’ve been looking on this forum and other forums just like this and found mixed results on getting a vision waiver. Some say its near impossible, some say they give them out...
  3. N

    Will these require waivers?

    Hey all - I was wondering if the two following conditions I have/had would initially disqualify me in the DoDMERB process and require waivers from USAFA. 1. I had self-diagnosed shin splints 6 months ago due to running long distances in non-running shoes. I fixed the issue by getting running...
  4. D

    DQ - Requested Waiver - What's next?

    Learned DS was DQ'd today but have not learned what the condition is that led to it. I'm thinking it might be a short bout of depression a few years ago (with treatment/medication) and maybe a football injury to his ankle that was no big deal. My question is how much work should we do now to...
  5. N

    DODMERB Concerns

    Hello! I'm a candidate for USAFA and I am currently going through the medical evaluation process. I am concerned about my possible asthma history. My doctor has prescribed me Albuterol Sulfate in the past. I used it in 2017, when I was under 13, for pre-asthmatic concerns. I haven't used...
  6. Y

    CVS Pharmacy Records Request

    Hello all! I won a 3-year AD Army ROTC scholarship, and, to become medically qualified (hopefully), I need to submit my pharmacy records from the past four years. My local pharmacy is CVS, and it has been recalcitrant to giving me my records. So far, I have faxed them thrice, created an account...
  7. N

    Chances of getting a waiver

    Hello, I just heard back from DoDMERB that I have disqualifying components to my physical. I had arthroscopic knee surgery this past June and they were able to fix the problem. I have returned to full activity and completed NSI in July. I was wondering what my chances of getting a waiver are...
  8. P

    "Waiver Granted" - DODMerb Tricare Status

    I just got an updated status by DODMerb Tricare saying "Waiver Granted," does this mean that the waiver process is complete, or is there another step in the process? (ARMY ROTC)
  9. L

    Questions About Medical DQ, Waivers, and Service Academies

    Hello, I completed my USAFA application by my November 1st deadline and got my medical DQ decision in early January. My original medical exam was initiated by USNA and not USAFA. USAFA has just been added to my dodmerb profile as an agency today (3/21/22). Is anyone familiar with this...
  10. T

    Limitations on Service Selection

    Will the academies ever give waivers to applicants if it limits their service selection upon graduation? For example, would they waive a condition that maybe cannot be considered for waiver to enter aviation but would be fine for other assignments? I understand many factors are taken into...
  11. T

    Waiver Insight

    Good evening, I recently received word from USNA that I was being offered an LOA for the upcoming class under the condition that I am deemed medically qualified. All my files have been submitted and I am now under waiver review for two disqualifications: The first being the dislocation of my...
  12. F

    What Docs to Submit to Be Considered For Waiver?

    Hi all, I'm on track for NROTC after receiving the Marine Option scholarship, and recently got DQ'd for asthma, allergies, and eczema. For my asthma, I haven't needed my inhaler for any physical activity since I was twelve. My eczema was mild, and I have only gotten it once, two years ago. For...
  13. H

    Allergy Shots while at West Point??

    So I've been receiving allergy shots for pollen/cat/ certain tree allergies for the last couple of months. I started receiving them after my DODMERB physical and none of the allergies were flagged as any concern. I just disclosed the allergy shots to west point. I'm currently receiving them...
  14. H

    Medical DQ

    I received a medical DQ for the following codes after submitting my information on my sinus surgery. The surgery removed the nasal polyps and I don't have chronic sinusitis anymore. It says under waiver review. I was just wondering what the likelihood of getting a waiver is. D124.00...
  15. A

    Waiver/DQ Update

    I recently received a DQ while going through the DoDMERB process for my Naval Academy application. In hopes of being proactive, I got the issue checked out, and luckily, the issue was fully resolved on 1 Feb. Does anybody know who I should I send this update to (DoDMERB or USNA’s WA)?
  16. J

    Underweight Waiver

    I got a notification that I was a couple pounds underweight for DODMERB and would require my physician to test me for ED/metabolic issues. Normally I’m 125 and 5’8 but at the place I did my physical it said I was 122. I was just wondering if this is a common thing or if I wouldn’t be able to get...
  17. L

    (Another) DODMERB waiver question

    I’m applying to USAFA CO 2026 and recently completed the entire application (including nomination), however I am medically disqualified. The portal says the typical “under waiver review” and I’m just curious if there’s anything I can do to increase my chance of getting a waiver or just speed up...
  18. S

    Therapy DQ

    Hello all, USNA is my dream school to attend and regarding my application, I have almost everything complete except for Dodmerb. My medical examination has been processed and sent back to Dodmerb, however, I was found disqualified for 2 reasons, eczema at age 12, and 2 sessions of therapy I had...
  19. B

    Medical Waiver

    I just got an email notifying me of a medical disqualification for an abdominal surgery that I had 7 years ago and no further complications, played soccer since then and lift weights. I hate to find this out this late in the process, and was wondering if there is any thing I can do to increase...
  20. I

    DQ Timeline

    hey everyone, I am 2Q’d with two nominations (senator and congressman). I was medically DQ’d on 12/7 for using QVAR (asthma meds) in March of 2021. I had already seen a pulmonologist to clear my asthma for USMA. The pulmonologist wrote a letter for me. USMA requested a waiver of 12/13, I...