1. A

    Eczema DQ

    Hi I am a second year on-campus, non-scholarship, ROTC cadet and DODMERB DQ'd me a couple of months ago for having "a history of atopic dermatitis or eczema after 12th birthday." I misdiagnosed myself and rushed through the DODMERB questionnaire stating that I had a small case of eczema a month...
  2. F

    Waiver Assistance

    Dear Everyone, I am currently in the process of applying to the USNA and the USMMA, I have completed every step and the last thing I needed was to be cleared by DODMERB. They had flagged me for having a history with psoriasis. In reality I have a mild case of psoriasis that isn't visible, my...
  3. R

    The Waiver Process

    These questions are for @DoDMERB - Deputy Chief or anyone who might know: 1. An applicant has been given a single DQ and then awarded a waiver from two separate SAs with only an applicant statement requested. The third has requested that the applicant see a specialist. Once the applicant sees...
  4. Fotouman

    Waiver Deadline?

    Currently, I have an LOA to USAFA, pending nomination and medical qualification. My problem is that I've been DQ'd for shoulder dislocation that happened last month. :( I have scheduled a surgery for around the end of December. After surgery, I will have to do rehab and physical therapy to build...
  5. J

    Waiverable shoulders?

    I am 20 years old, planning to start NROTC next fall at Virginia Tech. I pass everything on the checklist (even PT test), but I'm fairly certain my shoulders will medically disqualify me from service. When I was 17 I had a surgical repair done on my left shoulder (arthroscopic, minimally...
  6. Y

    Waiver and cadre error

    Hi, First, I must apologize for the vagueness of this information. My DS is in graduate school and has been handling this situation on his own. He is reticent with info b/c he does not want his parents intervening; however, I need help understanding what is going on and if anything can be done...
  7. 2

    Just curious

    I wonder how many candidates (ROTC/SAs/OCS) are DoDMERB qualified without needing a waiver (that is, they make the DoDI 6130.03 requirements). Seems to me that this percentage would be quite low considering the number of people on here with DQs and waivers.
  8. B

    Self harm scars, physician letter help

    I have self harm scars on one forearm and one thigh from 8+ years ago. It's obvious what it is so I'm being honest and up front about it. My recruiter said I need to get a medical clearance letter from a psychologist to submit with my medical. I've found a doctor that is willing to help me, but...
  9. R

    Recruiting problem

    I am trying to enlist in the US Army. My recruiter had submitted waivers for some surgeries I had when I was younger. They got approved but he "forgot" to put in a Med form for a hernia I had repaired. I asked if he could add it and he told me that I could only submit one waiver and I was just...
  10. P

    Can an applicant be accepted Early Action while waiting on a medical waiver?

    My daughter has submitted her portion of her USCGA application for Early Action. She is going in for her medical test tomorrow. We think there is a chance that due to a childhood medical condition (which was corrected and is no longer an issue or any kind of restriction) that she might initially...
  11. P

    DQ/waiver due to childhood kidney issues?

    My daughter is a high school senior and has submitted her portion of her application to the USCGA to be considered for Early Action. She is going in for her physical exam tomorrow for DODMERB. She was born with a kidney problem, but had surgery at 5 months which completely corrected the issue...
  12. H

    Asthma waiver question

    My daughter is in the process of applying for the USAFA and I have a question about the medical form. She was diagnosed with environmental allergies (runny nose, sneezing, etc.) as a child and completed a course of allergy shots and has been medication/shot free for 2 years with no symptoms...
  13. T

    Army ROTC Medical Questions

    I’m a sophomore in college right now and I was planning on joining the ROTC. My plan was to take a year off college, enlist in the regular army first, and then join the ROTC as an SMP. (I know that you don’t have to enlist beforehand but I want to do it.) So the problem is that recently I was...
  14. E

    Eating disorder waiver

    hello! So, when I was around 13 (16 now), my doctor diagnosed me with anorexia and had me go to a counselor. That said, I never really had a problem and the counseling was pointless. I wasn’t stressed even with all the family things that were going on. Anyways, is it possible to get a...
  15. M

    Misdiagnosed Vocal Cord Dysfunction

    When I was 13, I saw an allergist for problems with my exercise. I think I just wasn't in shape, but convinced myself it was a problem with my breathing (which is normal for an unconditioned person). I was given an inhaler but tested negative twice for exercise induced bronchospasm. They...
  16. N

    Spinal Fusion Waiver

    Has anyone actually been able to get a waiver for spinal fusion? Whether it be for AFROTC or Air Force enlisted, or Air Force Reserves? If so can you please explain your process and how you did it. I haven’t been able to find anything online that deals with spinal fusion. Thank you.
  17. D

    Misdiagnosed Asthma, Passed Pulmonary, Now What?

    Hey everyone, I'm a 33 year old male who has been wanting to enlist in the Armed Forces since I was seventeen. In 2007, taking a break during my undergad, I spoke with a Navy recruiter and went down to MEPS in Portland, Oregon. I passed with an 84, and the exam. However, at the end, they had...
  18. S

    Dodmerb Exzema waiver story

    I would like to share my DD’s story since it is finally resolved and I have found this forum to be so very helpful. She has had so many ups and downs and dissapointments in the past year and has lived in that awful state of not knowing.... So here is the story, I hope it will give some...
  19. B

    Medical waiver rejection? Help!

    I was recently offered a LOA for NAPS '20, contingent on a medical waiver. Last year I had a freak kidney stone which was non obstructing and removed . DoDMERB asked for AMI so I sent them every record the hospital had on my case, and I waited. I just received correspondence from a medical...
  20. T

    Can you keep an AROTC scholarship while injured?

    I have received an appointment to USMA and a full 4-year AROTC scholarship to a civilian college. Unfortunately, I tore my ACL recently and will need surgery on it which will disqualify me for 12 months. I know that at this point, USMA is out of the picture, but I still have hopes for AROTC...