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    Awaiting Receipt Of Remedial

    Because I was pending disqualification, DODMERB had me complete AMIs and I turned them in. When I emailed them the person responded saying they got my AMIs and would forward them and that it should take 15 business days to process. That was back on the first day of November. When I check my...
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    Asthma ?’s

    Hello, I would like to do AFROTC and possibly even enlist in the air reserves beforehand. Unfortunately I was prescribed an inhaler for exercise induced asthma until 16. I believe I could’ve stopped it earlier but never quite did. I no longer need an inhaler or show any symptoms for over a year...
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    My chances of a Medical waiver for MEPS

    About a month ago I got a letter from the navy saying that I was not able to enlist due to having retained hardware on my left leg. I was confused because at MEPS I saw in my file “waiver recommended” I was bummed out, and my recruiter didn’t understand. In the end they recommended me to go to...
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    AFROTC/Enlistment, etc.

    Hey guys. I have a bunch of questions about the military that I haven't been able to find solid answers on. My brother is going to (hopefully) become a Marine this fall and he has inspired me to join the military, as well as my grandfather's service as a Green Beret. I'm now in 10th grade of...