My chances of a Medical waiver for MEPS


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Feb 16, 2018
About a month ago I got a letter from the navy saying that I was not able to enlist due to having retained hardware on my left leg. I was confused because at MEPS I saw in my file “waiver recommended” I was bummed out, and my recruiter didn’t understand. In the end they recommended me to go to the Air Force because they actually believed that I should’ve been able to join(which was actually what I wanted to go talk to first). I talked with my recruiter and he told me to go see a specialist(I went to the same one that did my surgery). He gave me a paper saying that nothing is wrong and that I was cleared join(I was surprised when he told me that he was an Air Force vet). I gave that form to my recruiter and he submitted it to the Surgeon General. I just wanna know if I have a chance getting into the Air Force. I got a S/P ORIF on my left tibia back in 2014. An IM ROD with 4screws. 2 around my ankle and 2 below the knee. I have no pain at all and full motion. I run almost everyday with no issues. It’s been 21 days since everything was submitted to the Surgeon General
I think you’ve got a good chance of getting that waiver so long as the document from your orthopedic surgeon clearly stated the following: no chronic pain, no pain with change of ambient temperature, no decrease in joint stability, no overlying skin irritation, fracture is well-healed, and does not traverse a joint. It would also help if the orthopedic surgeon can say you participated in “x, y, z” sports (I’m not talking about bowling or golf either. Talking about high impact sports) without any problems.

I don’t work for MEPS nor do I work for any of the waiver authorities so I don’t have a crystal ball on how this will go. Good luck. Thank you for wanting to serve our country.
Thank you GoCubbies. You don’t understand how much of a relief it is for me to hear that