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    Vision Waiver Chances

    Hello, I am currently a junior in high school. Overall, I consider myself to be a very competitive applicant (high GPA, test scores, leadership, athletics) to The Coast Guard and Naval Academies. However, due to my genetic eye condition, amblyopia, my right eye is only correctable to 20/25. My...
  2. Z

    Waiver's Effects on Admission

    Hello! I am currently an AFROTC freshman reapplying to USAFA. This past winter, I received a stress fracture in my leg that has since healed 100%. However, under DoDMERB guidelines, any stress fracture (single or recurrent) is disqualifying. AFROTC gave me a waiver overnight (literally)...
  3. Intell-etc

    How to appeal an enlistment denial?

    Hello, I recently was denied the opportunity to enlist into the Navy. I am 28 years old so I'm a grandpa in Navy terms but I also spent a lot of the time from the time I was eligible to enlist till now getting my bachelor's degree. I originally thought I would get my bachelor's and join the...
  4. R

    Status Complete-Hold

    Recently finished all of my medical exams and my status on DoDMETS has changed from incomplete to complete-hold. Is this a bad thing? And how do I deal with waivers? I checked off and explained my allergies and single-time, experimental marijuana usage. Will a waiver automatically be requested...