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    Recently had DoDMERB exam, will I be DQ'ed?

    Hello, I had my DoDMERB exam this past Monday, and I am worried I will be DQ'ed. I wear glasses, and have astigmatism. I have heard that the DQ for astigmatism is +/- 3.00, I am -1.25 but I am still worried because I have other things that could potentially DQ me. There was a time during my...
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    Will my parents find out I smoked weed once?

    Hello, I have my medical exam tomorrow for DODMERB, but my parents went out of town today, and since I am 17, they will just be calling during my medical exam tomorrow to verify my medical history. My medical history was filled out on my own and completely truthful, I have smoked weed once in my...
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    Smoked weed once, will I be disqualified?

    Hello, About a week ago, I was out with a friend on a day where I was extremely stressed and going through a lot in my personal life. As we were together, he suggested I get high with him to help myself calm down. Stupidly, I agreed. I did not know how to say no to him, but I also just made a...