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    Did weed on two occasions

    A few months ago I had weed for the first time and did it twice because a friend had gotten an edible, but I haven’t had any since then and that was my only time trying it, no other drug use, and I’m 17, would that be considered experimental or is that disqualifying off the get go
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    How Screwed Am I? One-time Drug Use During AFROTC.

    I will keep this somewhat brief, because I am extremely ashamed and need to get a clear answer of how to proceed. Recently, I was extremely stupid and drank a bit too much, which led me to hitting a bong exactly one time. It was one of the worst experiences of my life, as I got extremely sick...
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    Recently had DoDMERB exam, will I be DQ'ed?

    Hello, I had my DoDMERB exam this past Monday, and I am worried I will be DQ'ed. I wear glasses, and have astigmatism. I have heard that the DQ for astigmatism is +/- 3.00, I am -1.25 but I am still worried because I have other things that could potentially DQ me. There was a time during my...
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    Will my parents find out I smoked weed once?

    Hello, I have my medical exam tomorrow for DODMERB, but my parents went out of town today, and since I am 17, they will just be calling during my medical exam tomorrow to verify my medical history. My medical history was filled out on my own and completely truthful, I have smoked weed once in my...
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    Smoked weed once, will I be disqualified?

    Hello, About a week ago, I was out with a friend on a day where I was extremely stressed and going through a lot in my personal life. As we were together, he suggested I get high with him to help myself calm down. Stupidly, I agreed. I did not know how to say no to him, but I also just made a...