Will my parents find out I smoked weed once?

Nov 2, 2016
I have my medical exam tomorrow for DODMERB, but my parents went out of town today, and since I am 17, they will just be calling during my medical exam tomorrow to verify my medical history. My medical history was filled out on my own and completely truthful, I have smoked weed once in my life so I checked yes on the medical history. My parents have not yet seen the medical history form, but when they call to verify, will they be told? I plan on telling my parents eventually that I did that, I just want to be able to tell them on my own time. My appointment was scheduled yesterday, and they left very early this morning so I did not have an oppprtunity to tell them. Will they be told by the doctor?
I don't think so, but I don't really know. Just tell them and get it over with. You're obviously a successful kid, and have high goals. Just assure them you were an idiot and it won't happen again. Then keep up the good work and fulfill your destiny.
Agree with Maplerock. However, I feel the need to do a little scolding here. You first posted about smoking weed on this forum on Nov. 2. You have had more than enough time to address this with your parents and haven't. You knew this was coming. It was not a surprise. If you did, indeed, plan on coming clean it should have been done some time ago. Hope you don't plan on the same level of procrastination as an officer. There is no time like NOW! I might suggest reading the "One Minute Manager". 'Nuf said.
Tell your parents. Move on. They will appreciate your honesty but will not appreciate the weed smoking. Whether or not they will be told by the Dr is irrelevant. My mantra for my sons their entire lives has been responsibility for choices whether positive or negative. Us parents love our kids. Don't always love the choices but always love the child. Chalk it up to growing and move on.