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Mar 1, 2018
I have been accepted into an Army ROTC program in a 4 year college, and I have been trying to enlist as an 09R so that I can go to basic training and come back in time for the start of college. With that in mind , everything was going great with the whole process until the day of my enlistment when my recruiter says that I cannot enlist as an 09R due to some law saying that I need to have an ROTC scholarship and be contracted with my ROTC program in order to enlist as an 09R. Anyways, my question is, does this law exist or is my recruiter trying to get me to enlist with an MOS so that he looks good ?
That is not totally accurate. You won't go to basic training as a 09R, as that is the designation for an SMP cadet or potential SMP cadet. You can enlist as a 09R, however in most cases, MEPS would need a memo from the ROTC BN stating that you would be contracting within a year in order to enlist you. In most cases you won't be able to enlist as a 09R until you are already in college at least a semester. You actually won't be officially a 09R until you are contracted by ROTC. You do not need a scholarship to be 09R.

In order to go to Basic Training you will need to enlist under a enlisted MOS, as basic training is not a requirement for officers.

Whether or not you enlist as 09R or other MOS, the recruiting station will still get a credit.