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    hello all, I just received a phone call from the board president of one of the senators that i interviewed with. He just informed me that i could either have the first alternate slot to USAFA through them, or primary to west point or Annapolis. I am torn on which to choose. Ideally, I would like to be able to take the primary for West Point AND the 1st alternate for Air Force, but I do not know if that is an option. The man who called me informed me that my senators office works differently than other senator offices somehow,and that his principle nominations are more like direct appointments,and that their first alternate slots were more like nominations. Does anyone have any insight on this, or any advice? I have yet to hear from the other senator office that I interviewed with on Saturday,and I still have an interview with my representative on December 3 rd. Thank you, Joey.
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    If you take the PRINCIPAL (Not primary and not principle) to West Point or Annapolis, and you are qualified, then you are GUARANTEED an appointment. If you are given an "Alternate" to any academy, the only way you get an appointment is if the principal is not qualified or they turn down the appointment. Other than that, an alternate doesn't carry any more weight in the "National Pool" then any other nominee in the pool.

    Sounds like the senator is giving you a choice. Principal (Guaranteed appointment) to Army or Navy; or a nomination to air force with no guarantees. You just said that your PREFERENCE is a principal nomination to Army, and an alternate to air force. If you take the Principal to West Point, the "Alternate" becomes a moot point. Unless you're saying that Army isn't your first choice. If that's the case, then you're hoping for the guarantee for army, but want to hold out on accepting the appointment long enough to see if the air force will give you an appointment. What you didn't say, is if you are getting any other nominations from the other senator and/or representative. I know you haven't heard back from them yet, so that makes it difficult.

    I normally wouldn't give advise, however....... With how difficult it is going to be this year, and for a few years to come with receiving appointments to ANY academy..... I think I would go for the "Sure Thing". Take the "Principal - Guaranteed" nomination/appointment to West Point or Annapolis. Then, hold off on accepting the appointment as long as you can, hoping you get an appointment from air force. Again; I wouldn't normally give such advise, except for the fact that if you truly do want to serve, and don't mind different branches of the service, then take the sure thing so you have "At Least" that if the others fall through. There are some however, like my son, where Navy, Army, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marines was NEVER an option. He didn't apply to anything except air force. He told the reps and senators that he wasn't applying for any nominations for those academies. It was air force academy or he'd try for ROTC, or OTS. But another branch of the military was never an option.

    So, best of luck to you. That's my suggestion, but you need to decide for yourself. Mike....

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