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    Anyone have a clue at what time during the day we should expect this 1st phone call from our son. thanks
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    Re: No Mail Yet

    I see a lot of folks, both parents and girlfriends, etc. wondering about letters home from Plebe Candidates as of today - which being the second Sunday of Indoc for the Class of 2015 means this is what I and some others call "phone call Sunday" ...

    The truth is for most PC's (Plebe Candidates) families today's call will be the first they'll have any indication from them as to how they are doing other than a glimpse of a picture posted on line. Thankfully, this year there seem to be LOTS of pictures on line. All that said, as regards letters I don't have specifics but keep in mind PCs are basically kept on the go from 05:00 every day until "lights out" every day. So the first chance they probably got to write home was when they were sat down on the floor of the dorms/barracks outside their rooms in the hall and told - "okay now we're all going to write a short note to our families" or something like that. That event probably occurred sometime around day 4 or 5 of Indoc, if historic timetables are still in place. Those letters were then gathered up and taken to the mailroom so the next morning they got to a US Post office...then it's another 4 or so days to get to you for what is/will likely be your first and maybe only letter.

    I say that not to be negative but once they can call you, even if it's for 5 minutes they realize that's the best and fastest way to get in touch and the written letters tend to dry up.

    Why am I writing this, is to share the following advice - even with the above being true, some PC's really, really still appreciate and need the encouragement that letters from you all to them give them when that inevitable rough spot occurs for them, so I recommend you still send them letters even when they only send you letters few and far between.

    I'll save the rest of my thoughts about the phone calls when parents start to post their happiness and/or concerns about them.

    Glad to see everyone is buckled in and enjoying the ride.
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    From JD: "Some PCs really appreciate the encouragement" Truer words were never spoken

    Even as a 1/C, our DS would remind us of what a treat it was when he would look in the teeny tiny glass porthole of his mailbox.... and see .... nothing. :(
    Ah, the world had just forgotten him. He even admitted that Junk Mail was better than NO mail.

    So, parents, significant others, friends and relatives... INDOC is a surprise wakeup for a lot of these kids. But the next 4 or so years for these kids will really be the hard part. make sure you put something in mail to them as a fun pick-me-up -- weekly, bi-weekly, at least monthly.

    Get together with other friends or folks from your house of worship, and volunteer to send cookies up to cookie cafe. Better even, if you can actually GO there and help out ! I drove 12-hrs each way, but also made sure I got the rest of our State's kids pizza.

    YOU can make a big impact to help these kids... It's a real privileged to do so.
    You may be the one that some kid needs NOW, even if your DS/DD doesn't. And there may be some other parent there to help your DS/DD when YOU aren't able to be there. These kids are great, but I have incredible gratitude to other parents and volunteers who were there to encourage my kid regularly. As a parent, I have never seen hearts so big and selfless and arms open so wide and welcoming as those that included PCs whose parents were not able to be there.

    Heck, anything you can do to brighten their day (no matter how small) will be really appreciated when your DS/DD is feeling down. Sometimes, including a few pictures of pets in typical or funny poses as great. From time to time, DS would get cards from 'the cat', who would print letters using backwards 'S's and 'r's, upsidedown 'e's -- who would say she missed DS, would complain about the 'staff'(you call them family), and say the sunbeam she had worked so hard to stay in had gone... It's Food-o-clock, time to eat. Always signed with a pawprint.

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