2 US Navy service members missing in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by buff81, Jul 24, 2010.

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    My heart just breaks every time I read things like this and when there are troop deaths.
    This led me think about what Navy personnel do 'on the ground'. I tend to think of the service's responsibilities in a very narrow scope. Army - ground, Navy - sea, Air Force - air. I know there is overlapping ( ie- all three have air capabilities) but unless these Navy servicemen were Marines, I was wondering what other responsibilities the Navy has on the ground. Are there ground responsibilities for the Air Force?
    Can anyone enlighten me?
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    That question could foster a three page explanation. The Navy has been doing some limited augmentation work to relieve the pressure on the other services. Most of the Air Force is on the ground, though rarely off of secured locations, with the notable exception of EOD and JTACs.

    We did have some SeaBees. Though they only deployed for three months.
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    The Navy has provided a program ever since the beginning of the war called Individual Augmentation where they have supplied over 20,000 individual officers and sailors to various usually non-Navy units. Probably winding down now but more than likely still in effect. I think the majority are now from the Reserves. The typical tour is six months to a year.

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