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    As many others on this forum I am seeking some advice on my chances of recieving enrolling for 2011 field training.

    My current Cumulative GPA is 3.01, however I am a non tech major with a foreign language minor. My freshman year I was an engineering major and recieved a 2.4 and 2.6, then switched at the start of my AS200 year to a non tech major and got a 3.92 and pulled my cGPA over a 3.

    Another area of concern is my PFA, my last one was an 82.6 and before that 77.1. Currently, or at least on my last practice one I got around an 88 but I don't think this semesters will have time to be calculated into my overall average.

    In terms of unit ranking, I would guess I am in the middle third of my class (which I would guess to be around 45 cadets in the same year), but cannot confirm this right now. Last semester I was bottem, but my gpa was 2.5. Our det also takes into consideration things such as volunteering (20+ hrs last semester) and things such a clean record (no tickets, or anything of the sort). With our staff I have a good relationship with all of them.

    Also I have heard from our det, and even seen a bit on here that my school, Virginia Tech, generally has a higher percentage than other school due to the fact it has a Corps of Cadets and such. Although being Virginia Tech we have a decent amount of engineers/technical majors as well.

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated! And if I need to provide some more info please just let me know!
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    VT usually has one of the highest % of cadets accepted, so that should be positive news for you.

    You are showing upward progression and that too is very positive.

    The PFT is going to hurt you.

    The best advice I would give you is talk to the command at VT, ask them point blank, typically do cadets with my gpa/PFT and rank within the det get SFT?

    They can give you more advice than anyone here.

    Now put SFT aside, and remember as a CS300 you will be going up for your AFSC 1 ur from now. That gpa, and PFT will matter, so keep improving on those scores. You are going in the right direction, don't lose sight of your true goal and that is being commissioned into the AF with your desired AFSC.

    One thing that you did not give was your AFOQT, that score also matters.

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