2011 Scholarship Credentials

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by RalfyG, Apr 18, 2011.

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    So i've been following the scholarship threads for awhile and i noticed a lot of people are curious about scholarship winners stats.
    Welp i don't have strong credentials and i haven't received a scholarship. Hoping for the best but expecting the worst. So here goes nothing.
    SAT:1110 (m+v)
    Class rank: 79 of 542
    PFT:6:18 mile 50 pu 60 su
    EC's:Baseballx4 Bandx4 Tae Kwon Do 2nd degree black belt, Baseball Travel Teams
    Letters:Baseballx3 Bandx4
    Leadership Positions:Baseball Captainx2 Saxophone Lieutenantx2
    Jobs:Daily Herald Junior summer.

    Again not the greatest stats but hope they suffice. Good luck to everyone still waiting. I wish you the best of luck.
    Here's last year's scholarship stats.
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    Son received 4 year scholarship offers from the Oct. 24th board.

    3.55 u/w GPA
    24 ACT
    Eagle Scout
    3 years Varsity Track- Captain 1 year
    3 years Varsity Crosscountry- Captain 1 year
    Debate team
    2 years Senator Youth and Government
    1 year Juror- District Youth Court
    1 year Head Juror- District Youth Court
    1 year Judge- District Youth Court
    1 year Sports Editor School Annual
    1 year Editor in Cheif School Annual
    2 years Senior Leader Youth Group
    3 Mission Trips to build houses as a Youth Leader
    High School Band
    Marching Band Section Leader
    Audition Band- Wind Ensemble
    2 years Jazz Band
    Part Time Job
    247 AFPT
    Advanced Scuba Diving Cert.

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