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Aug 7, 2008
I have enjoyed reading the posts over the past few weeks, now I have a few questions. We have everything done except the dodmerb and the cfa. My son got a 770 english, 720 math has a 3.89 gpa, he only has 9 kids in his senior class and they do not rank. He has several ec, but his school is very small and they don't have a ton of things like that. He has played varsity soccer for 2 yrs, track & field 1 yr., chess club, National honor society, coached a 8 & 9 year old soccer team, academic bowl, and chemistry lab asst. 2 yrs. So all of you more experienced parents help me out--does it look good?
Kpwehope, I plead your understanding in that none here can truly say for sure what gains service academy appointments for certain kids. Your son sounds like he’s in a good position for consideration by KP but I can only compare your brief comments to what my KP son was doing around the time that he was a new applicant & that’s about it as I am not with the Academy in any official capacity except the Parent’s Assoc.. There are soooo many variables to consider. Leadership roles are vastly important as are the good grades & commitment to sports but the other questions looming & that are just as important involve obtaining nomination/s & getting by DODMERB.

Encourage him to learn all he can about KP & to excel at all he does this year. KP is vastly different from the other Academies and I find I am still learning of the many options they offer. Have him keep the Academy updated with new awards & such as they come along. Also saw your post about The Citadel. If they offer up for him, don’t be pressured until he’s had the chance to get all of his offers on the table. Holding out for news of an appointment can be a huge mind game for the young folks & parents alike. Wait it out as news may not come until mid-April. Hopefully you will hear on his application way sooner! Best of luck! Ask away with any questions. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll have a go at finding it!
Good luck! My advice would be to follow all instructions to the "T" and I'd also like to let you know that KP is a GREAT school. My son is 2011 and my husband is also an alumni. In my opinion the work involved to be appointed is well worth all the work. Hang in there!:thumb:

I concur with the above advice and can only offer a little hope in that our son now PC 2012 graduated with only 17 in his class. Good Luck and I think USMMA is truly a treasure for the candidates accepted!:thumb:
:smile: Ditto to all that! Not a day passes by without me thanking the powers that be that my kid is there. KP was the perfect fit for what he'll be doing. The Sea Year experience was beyond any expectation I could have ever imagined for him. The world is indeed their campus.

Senior Luau was tonight! Hope they all had such fun!
Relax and enjoy, the hardest part is likely to be passing Dodmerb and there isn't much you can do about that.
Going for DoDMERB eye exam today and physical on Monday. I don't think I have any reason to be nervous, but it's hard not to be. Anyone know how long it takes to get results once the test are done?